The British Music Experience in London

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You can play the instruments in the Gibson Guitar Studio at the British Music Experience in London

The British Music Experience at The O2 in London is a tribute to great modern British music. Check out Humphrey Lyttleton’s trumpet and Bat For Lashes’ sequinned cape!

My five favourite things about the British Music Experience:

1. You can play real instruments in the studio. Try a Gibson guitar – even if you haven’t played before, you’ll be strumming along with a rock classic in no time. There are tutorials for every level and they’re really good.

2. Who’s your favourite singer? See stage costumes from all the greats – Dusty Springfield, David Bowie, Boy George, Adam Ant and more.

3. Gaze in awe at instruments played by your favourite musicians. Being in the same room as the drum Brian Bennett played so many of The Shadows hits on made me feel giddy. What’s the best music memorabilia you’ve ever seen in London?

4. Learn to do the birdie dance. Step into a special booth which will take you through the steps from famous dance crazes and then video you. You can use the id on your ticket to check out your dancing online at home. Yes it’s cheesy, but there’s a fine tradition of cheese in British pop!

5. Re-discover music you love but haven’t heard for years. You’ll be inspired to put together some memorable playlists after a trip to the British Music Experience. Dig out those cassettes!

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  1. Claire says:

    My favourite London rock memorabilia is drinking in pubs that some of my fave musicians frequented back in the day (or could still be spotted at!), such as Filthy McNasty’s in Clerkenwell (Nick Cave), The Pembroke in Primrose Hill (I saw Liam Gallagher here) or the ubiquitous Hawley Arms in Camden (Amy Winehouse and everyone else)

    • Matt Holland says:

      Filthy’s is a double whammy – Shane MacGowan owns it.

      He also owns the Boogaloo in Highgate where I have seen him propping up the bar on a few occasions…

  2. Matt Holland says:

    The Clissold Arms in Muswell Hill has a little shrine to The Kinks – Ray Davies is a Muswell Hill boy and used to drink in there.

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