Five Places to Strut Your Stuff Outdoors

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Festival time!

Dance under the stars!
Being that I dance like a turkey with stomach ache, I find solace in the obscurity of a dark dancefloor. But London’s more confident clubbers are shedding their skins and hitting the great outdoors. Yes, superclubs such as Egg and Ministry of Sound are celebrating the summer with huge sun terraces where night owls can sip mojitos, jig among tropical plants and generally imagine they’re in Ibiza (well, there is a credit crunch, you know). I just hope airline pilots don’t mistake those glow sticks for landing lights…

Broadwalk bonanza!
The Drifters once sang about having some fun under the boardwalk (ask your mum and dad). Well, it turns out you can have just as much fun at The Broadwalk! That particular corner of Regent’s Park plays host to two brilliant outdoor dance gatherings over the summer – Broadwalk Ballroom and Tango Al Fresco. The drill is simple: learn the moves, absorb the finesse of the guest demonstrators (more often than not former Strictly Come Dancing stars), then pretend you’re from the cast of Dirty Dancing. Corny ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner’ lines optional.

Fantastic Four!
With such dinosaurs as Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Crosby, Stills & Nash on the bill, Glastonbury 2009 could be renamed Jurassic Park 4. Promising to be slightly less arthritic (and certainly closer) is August Bank Holiday’s South West Four dance extravaganza on Clapham Common. With the likes of Sasha, John Digweed, David Guetta and Eric Prydz (yes, the one with the pervy aerobics video) on the bill, you’ll be swaying in time with the trees.

A different class!
What could be more aspirational for a wannabe dancer than taking classes across the road from the Royal Albert Hall? That’s the prospect on offer at Summer of Dance Outdoors – a group that meets every Wednesday evening (6.30pm) next to the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park. Expect jazzy funk with some Caribbean modern – and to get beeped by plenty of passing motorists!

Become a flasher!
You’ve seen the T-Mobile TV ad. You know, the one where hundreds of commuters at Liverpool Street station, without warning and exactly the same time, make like they have ants in their pants. These synchronised acts of tomfoolery are called flashmobs have become mainstream and are open to anyone with a sense of fun (and possibly too much time on their hands). They can involve anything from standing completely still to performing a victory dance at Wimbledon to encourage the British tennis players (a miracle dance might be more appropriate).

Do you know of other outdoor strutting arenas?