Fun In The Queue At Wimbledon

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The queue sign at Wimbledon

No tickets for Wimbledon and don’t fancy getting up at some ridiculous hour to queue for the early morning tickets released each day?

You could try – basically tickets officially re-sold during the day from people leaving early. Queuing is all part of the Wimbledon experience and if luck is on your side and the weather is fabulous, can be just as much fun. I joined the queue yesterday at 2pm. If you join the queue before then, don’t expect it to move much as no one will leave earlier with play starting at midday.

Yes, we were in the queue for 4 hours, but there was lots to entertain. From helpful stewards to Ambre Solaire girls spraying sun tan lotion and Robinson’s ambassadors handing out soft drinks in cups. It’s a fun and entertaining experience – and the queue moves quickly between 3-4 as all the corporate guys on freebies leave the grounds!

Moving through Wimbledon Park, a temporary Wimbledon exhibition helps the time go quickly – and when the queue stops you can relax on the grass. Your queue card means you don’t lose your place and you can just re-join the line later. Don’t worry if you get confused by the queue protocol, just consult A Guide to Queuing for the Championships handbook.

Thirsty? Eager vendors walk up and down selling ‘ice water’ and if you’re stuck behind barriers, they’ll even bring it to you. Hungry? You’ll find burger stands and ice-cream vans on the way. Need the loo? Yep, you go past those too, and we were impressed by how nice they were.

When we finally did get in just past 6pm (bargain – tickets go down to £14 after 5pm), we managed to watch some mens and ladies doubles matches, catch Murray’s match point on Murray’s Mount and get onto Centre Court. Ok – so the tennis had finished and the place was empty, but we still got there!

All in all, a fabulous day out.


  1. Eva Ritchie says:

    Sounds like fun – you had me at “ice cream”

  2. Deven says:

    Sounds similar to my experience queuing at Wimbledon last week! The vibe and weather were so good that the queuing turned about to be as much fun as the tennis!

    We weren’t lucky enough to see any “big matches” but its a great atmosphere inside and it was well worth the wait, especially on murrays mound.

  3. Jess says:

    Ahhh! I’ve always wondered about toilet facilities – glad to hear that they’ve got it sorted. Sounds like much fun (especially if the sun shines).

  4. Oscar says:

    Was going to go at 5pm tonight. How long would I have to queue?

  5. Noorin says:

    Hi Oscar,
    Are you actually planning to join the queue at 5pm? I joined the queue at 2pm and it took me 4 hours. I think they stopped people from joining the queue around 3pm as it was too long then. I would think that it would be worse today given order of play.

  6. pscobie says:

    Nice article. I wrote about my Queue experience on Day 1 in my blog: