Ice Cream and Nanotechnology at the RCA

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The Cloud Project's ice cream van

There’s an attractive looking ice cream van parked outside the Royal College of Art (RCA) in Kensington Gore this week. But if you venture inside you won’t find the usual 99s and ice lollies.

Instead you’ll be greeted by RCA students Cat Kramer and Zoe Papadopoulou, dressed in retro ice cream seller’s outfits, who will introduce you to ice cream-scented clouds and smoke-filled ice cream cones.

It’s all part of The Cloud Project, which aims to increase public engagement with new technologies such as geoengineering and nanotechnology.

Cat says, “There’s a lot of emerging technologies that people don’t really know about. We want to bring this discussion to a wider audience.”

Cat goes on to talk about how diet food is made tastier, the pros and cons of genetically modified food, and the techniques scientists are using to try and control our climate.

Ice cream lovers won’t be disappointed. You’ll be able to get real ice cream, along with an explanation about the manufacturing process and the creation of nano (very small) ice cream crystals.

There’s a group of experts lined up to give talks at the ice cream van, including Dr Steffi Friedrichs, Director of Nanotechnology at the Industries Association (1 Jul, 1.30pm) and Dr Rachel Edward Stewart, molecular gastronomy expert (date to be confirmed).

The Cloud Project is part of Show RCA, the Royal College of Art’s annual graduate show, which runs until 5 July.


  1. Claire Doble says:

    This looks fantastic, I want to go

  2. Sue Bradburn says:

    It is really good fun and you learn something about a subject few people think they could even consider understanding. And you get some free ice-cream! Great for kids.