London’s Robot Zoo

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Grasshopper at The Robot Zoo. Photo by Steve Pugh

The Robot Zoo at The Horniman Museum is a fun way to discover how animals and insects work.

All the robot animals are huge and they move using hydraulics, make noises and the big chameleon even changes colour.

The exhibition has lots of things you can play with – you can camouflage yourself, race squid and see how long you can hang like a bat. If you like to look silly, you can strap a shell on your back, get down on your hands and knees and have a tortoise race!

The Robot Zoo is brilliant for kids and for those of us who dream about creating a scary army of giant mechanical monsters from the rubbish in the shed.

There’s a small charge for the exhibition, but the rest of the museum is free, so after you’ve learned how bees see, head up to the Nature Base room and meet real bees. There’s also a new aquarium at The Horniman Museum. We saw seahorses, toads, a celebrity (an actor who used to be in The Bill. Not in a tank, just visiting) and tropical fish.

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  1. juju says:

    He’s so cute! I’d love a shiny green robot pet just like that.

  2. Steve Pugh says:

    My favourite was the squid. He didn’t do much, just lurked in the corner, as if poised to grab the unwary…