Visit London Asks: What Song Reminds You of London?

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Last week we wanted to know about the best places for food after midnight in London. Thanks for your tips!

And so to this week’s burning question.

Earlier this month, I arranged to meet my sister at Baker Street, and was instantly earwormed by THAT sax solo. In honour of Raphael Ravenscroft, (not Bob Holness, sorry) today we’re asking for your favourite London tunes. The London anthems. Those Cockney ditties. The capital songs that remind you of our fair city.

A few spring to mind. Waterloo Sunset, for one. Sound of the Underground is another. Or Lily’s LDN. We’re not sure you’ll get any points for London Calling by The Clash, either. We’re more interested in the more left-field suggestions. We want to know what song you connect with the capital; as well as why, who, where, when and what makes it your special London song.

Tell us what you whistle on Westminster Bridge, what you hum on your way into Hammersmith Station, what you sing as you stride down The Strand…

And apologies if we’ve earwormed you too…


  1. Jenny says:

    Anything on Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black album as it was released just as I moved to London and I listened to it a lot back then.

    I heard Amy Winehouse interviewed on Radio 1 about it and she said the album was intended to be “the sound of London in the rain.” Slightly bizarre but I can sort of understand what she means.

    For a cheesier option, how about Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant! Everytime I walk past Electric Avenue, I get the chorus in my head.

  2. Steve Pugh says:

    I may be showing my age, but how about Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine’s “The Only Living Boy in New Cross”? They also did “24 minutes from Tulse Hill” (groan) which seems very optimistic when crawling along on the N2.

  3. Lettice says:

    What about Duffy’s Warwick Avenue? Little Venice is lovely, although I’d recommend a boat trip rather than a break up!

    • Lettice says:

      Also, I once walked across Vauxhall Bridge in a long black coat on a cold, crisp winter’s morning and Vienna by Ultravox was playing on my iPod, so I always get earwormed by that whenever I go near Vauxhall

      And the entire soundtrack to Mary Poppins!

  4. Rob Starbuck says:

    There is only one song London Town by Light of the World check it out at

  5. Matt Holland says:

    All I can think of is Morden by Good Shoes. Great song, a little obvious…

  6. jose says:

    Hold Tight London, Chemical Brothers – (last seen doing a great party set at Turnmills, new year’s eve 2006 or was it 2007?)
    And definitely West End Girls, Pet Shop Boys. A fitting finale of their O2 gig last Friday night. Fantastic concert.

  7. Claire Doble says:

    As an Aussie who has attempted to live here a couple of times, “I’m in London Still” by The Waifs is a wonderfully emotive track.

  8. dtrmcr says:

    Time for Heroes by the Libertines, reminds me of that rally, and makes me think about noodling around Camden in a pork-pie hat with a roll-up.

  9. Buckets McGaughey says:

    Plaistow Patricia by Ian Dury and the Blockheads. Best opening line ever.

  10. BK says:

    Its got to be Lilly Allen

  11. Zoe J. Griffiths says:

    The New Statesman has asked the same question of a fistful of celebrity Londoners:

    Lily Allen features again…

  12. Joe Dewick says:

    don’t look back into the sun by the libertines ,just reminds me of walking down high street kensington
    songbird by oasis reminds me of walking through hyde or st. james’s park.
    The Universal by blur just reminds me of a whole sunny day in london.

  13. Mica says:

    I’ve visited London a few months back, in September 2014.
    These sweet memories continue to haunt me.
    There’s a few songs that just remind me of my trip to London. (And they still do)

    1. Rather Be – Clean Bandit
    On the second last day of my trip, we were browsing through Marks & Spencer in Oxford Street. There’s this commercial nearby an ATM that keeps looping a short snippet of it.

    Ever since that occurred, this has been “the” song that reminds me of the connection I felt with London. ( Found it: )

    2. All Night – Icona Pop
    A song that reminds me of the memories I had at Las Vegas Arcade, Soho.
    Made new friends with similar interests. I really loved that place.
    My “2nd home” in London. (Others than my hotel room heh.)

    3. Really Don’t Care – Demi Lovato
    Heard this song while I was in a Bubble Tea Shop in Chinatown.
    It was so vivid. It was playing in the background of the shop.

    4. Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z
    Though this song is singing about New York, a portion of the song has much relevance to London. The beautiful city lights that illuminates in the night. (The chorus fits it so well. Others than that, the rap doesn’t. And if they changed New York to London)

    There’s several other songs that do remind me of London, but these are the significant ones. That trip was the most memorable yet.
    I guess that’s why plenty of songs got me recalling about this fleeting dream.