Lunchtime in London – How About a Picnic with Ben Fogle?

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Ben Fogle hands out lunches to hungry LondonersSnack bar makers Nature Valley held a “secret” picnic in Russell Square today to encourage us to leave our desks and keyboards behind and enjoy our lunch hours outside.

Nature Valley gave out free picnic lunches for the first 2,000 picnic-ers (as well as plenty of Granola bars of course!)

But there was more than just free food on offer – the delicious Ben Fogle was on hand to guide us around some of London’s hidden parks and squares, as well as to give out lunches.

Ben even managed to coax out the sun on an otherwise cloudy day, and office workers enjoyed a live jazz band, giant garden games and a chill-out zone.

I may not be able to match Ben’s jaw-dropping adventures in the Arctic, or the Atlantic, but I’m definitely inspired to venture outside and discover more of London in my lunch hours from now on.

What do you get up to in your lunch hour?


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