Met Bar’s cocktail launch party

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The Smokey Sanchez

The Smokey Sanchez

At the Met Bar, we take our drinks (and drinking) very seriously so it was natural to feel that the conception of our new cocktail menu could not be launched in any other way than in true Met Bar style – with one hell of a party!

On Tuesday 14th July, we treated 100 very special guests to an exclusive preview of the new menu that features innovative categories such as Light & Aromatic, Medium & Spiced, Full Bodied & Spirited and Bubbly & Beautiful. A rather clever idea so that one can decide upon their choice of cocktail depending on mood, in crude terms of how quickly they need an alcoholic-hit or personally I (Jo) have more romantic notions of how well the categories befit me and my form…

Gorgeous pin-up and songstress Esme Bianco opened the party with a rendition of Sooner or Later (her 17 inch, blood red corseted waist made Madonna at the 91 Oscar’s look like Little Miss Muffet!), then a few more feverish songs to set the scene for one long, hot party.

Over three hours, guests were taken on a tasting journey from a sparkling English 76 (we had to go one better than a French 75), to a fruity Amaro Dolce, a refreshing Tea-juana Lady, a Sidecar named Desire (moving, or perhaps swaying is the more appropriate term from light to medium), to the more serious Hugo (he’s smoother than Jack) and our version of the classic Margarita, The Smokey Sanchez.

With ten cocktails down, it was time for a game of Chocolate Roulette – rather large shot glasses filled with Valrhona’s finest drinking chocolate spiked with various spirits based on our new METIFESTO or the ten drinking commandments according to the Met Bar (or only whilst wearing sequins if according to Jamie!).

As the night drew to a close, Esme performed her grand finale striptease to a delirious crowd, or at least they seemed to be when trying to pronounce ‘Home-made Falernum’ after ten cocktails, our parting gift from the new Met Apothecary (a selection of devilishly good syrups to spice things up). And no we assure you, it is only for use when drinking…


  1. Kelly says:

    Another wonderful night at the amazing Met Bar! x

  2. James says:

    Great cocktails, great crowd, I only wish I had worn sequins too!

  3. Jenny says:

    Great party Jo – the French 75 was my favourite.