Slow Club LIVE at The Met Bar

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Becci and Charles of Slow Club

A love of music is pre-requisite for the team at the Met Bar, as much as we may not share a love for the same music (Jamie and I are far too young to remember Echo and the Bunnymen!); we can’t fail to recognize talent when it comes along. And so it happened last week when first hearing new girl-boy duo Slow Club’ live from Glastonbury.  The recount of their performance quickly turned into full gone approval that they simply HAD to play in the Met Bar.

The rest is history. Last night as if by the magical tones of Slow Club and the beat of their drums, they (Becci & Charles to us fans) appeared on our stage to perform to a full house. Members, friends, music executives, radio producers, all who had gathered to see them perform at our exclusive gig, were treated to the delightfully innocent, quirky humour of their lyrics and punky folk-pop sounds. They finished their set off with their trade-mark sing-a-long crowd mingling, although I think Becci was particularly making a bee-line for Duncan James in the audience, but I couldn’t really say!

Fresh from Glastonbury, and about to set off on festival tour madness at V, i-Tunes, and Latitude later this month, they also have their debut album ‘Yeah, So’ out this week. Check them out on You will not be disappointed!


  1. Bo Obe says:

    I love the Slow so fashi fashi and de Mets bar delightfull, Let me do the party for you next time I will organise chow,chow xx

  2. Juan C Sanchez says:

    A great night thanks to all the staff at the Met


  3. Bing Abourike says:

    i like this place its nice, I drink the cocktails. I was a dancing like back home with my best friend Biko in my village, next time I take my friend that was extra for Paula Abdul video.
    Take it easy


  4. Fritz Langevann says:

    Zeer good event, I will invite Hans (crazy guy) my best friend from Hamburg he works at the funkiest members club there (club de geile hund) mit me if they play at das Met next time.You guys are crazy xxx