Visit London Asks: What’s Your Favourite London Park?

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St James's Park, the oldest of the Royal Parks of London. Image courtesy of Britain on View

Last week, we were all dreaming of some better looking new stars to grace our screens in EastEnders. Thanks to everyone who took part.

Right now, we’re celebrating! It’s Love Parks Week.

Love Parks Week is a whole week dedicated to getting outside and enjoying the great British summer. The people at Love Parks Week have organised a whole host of fun events to help you get the most out of your local parks. Right across the country, people are getting into everything from family fun days to live music performances.

If you’re a fan of green spaces, London’s got a lot to offer.

But we want you to tell us which is your favourite London park.

Do you enjoy the bustle of beautiful bronzed bodies and empty beer bottles on Clapham Common on a warm summer’s day? Or do you prefer the wild, windy Hampstead Heath? Perhaps you’re a fan of Hyde Park, with the Serpentine lake for boating and Rotten Row for horseriding. Or perhaps your local patch of green is a real hidden gem, with plenty of quirky features to recommend it.

Let us know…


  1. Voyageuse says:

    Mine is Hyde Park, because of the huge space, the lake, the horses and the amazing music festivals!

  2. londonlover says:

    My favorite is the Kensington Gardens bit of Hyde Park. With the Peter Pan statue and all the lovely flower boarders!

  3. MaryG90 says:

    Green Park :)

  4. Elsa says:

    Mine is Regent’s Park, lovely walking greens, loads of kids playing, but also the possibility of some peace and quiet. Also, not unimportant, great zoo nearby if the kids want something else to do.

  5. Matt Holland says:

    Primrose Hill on a sunny Sunday evening with a picnic.

  6. CRAiG says:

    Best park to run round is Regent’s Park. Stunning, beautifully laid-out, picturesque gardens, right next to Primrose hill but mercifully flat. The lake’s lovely too, and if you run round it you’ll pass the football pitches and the nice modern landscaped cafe.

    Best park to lounge in – that’s also one of London’s secret gems – is Brockwell Park. Nowhere better on a Sunday to nab a coffee in the old cafe on the hill, and read the papers. There’s all sorts of nooks and crannies in the Park, and of course the fabulous lido which has been refurbed. Marv.

  7. Steve Pugh says:

    St James’s Park and Green Park, because you can’t help thinking that you’re in the Queen’s front garden (and the pelicans of course).

  8. Tim Buick says:

    Hyde Park, for the fantastic lunch time run potential

  9. jose adams says:

    Definitely Richmond Park. No contest. Beautiful every season and always somewhere new to explore.

  10. Dave M says:

    Regent’s Park, Hyde Park and Finsbury Park in the north which has recently been given a new look.