Visit London Asks: What’s Your Favourite London Statue?

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One & Other, Gormley's Fourth Plinth projectLast week, we asked you what your favourite London summer activities were. Thanks to everyone for getting in touch!

This morning, Antony Gormley’s Fourth Plinth human art exhibit, One & Other, kicked off with 35-year-old mum, Rachel Wardell, taking her place on the plinth.

Sadly, we’re still waiting to hear if we’ve been successful in our quest for a place here at VL. (Although our close friends at londonist are already planning what they’re going to do with their hour of fame.)

But we want to look beyond the excitement of London’s temporary headline-grabbing  human statues, and ask: what’s your favourite (permanent) statue in London?

Are you a fan of Nelson? (On the column in Trafalgar Square, or Mandela, by the Royal Festival Hall?)

Does the diver do it for you?

Perhaps the kid in you likes Peter Pan or Paddington.

Or perhaps you love Stockwell’s Bronze Woman, Edith Cavell at Charing Cross, or Putney local, Alan Thornhill’s nine gorgeous sculptures along the Thames walk. London’s certainly got no shortage of statues to amuse, delight, remind, inspire and admire.

Let us know what London statue, beyond the current fun on the Fourth Plinth, brings a smile to your face.


  1. Jenny says:

    I like the lions in Trafalgar Square – especially as Visit London brought one of them to life last year!

  2. Matt Holland says:

    Don’t forget about the Mandela in Parliament Square!

    • Zoe J. Griffiths says:

      Good point! There’s the mini version of the Parliament Square Mandela in City Hall too – Nelson’s everywhere when you start thinking about it!

  3. Julie Chappell says:

    I love The Quadriga (Peace riding the Chariot of War) on top of Wellington Arch. It is very dramatic and looks stunning when it’s illuminated at night.

  4. Steve Pugh says:

    I like the Animals in War memorial. It’s in the middle of Park Lane, so you normally only see it from a bus.

    And a slightly the different kind of statue – the dinosaurs in Crystal Palace park.

  5. londonlover says:

    I love Antony Gormley. Everyhing he does is just great. I think this thing on the Plinth is really fun. And when he had all those statues all over London on the rooftops and on the bridges everywhere – that was one of my favourite works of art ever.

  6. Steve Cooper says:

    Winston Churchill in Parliament Square!

  7. Ray Bass says:

    I was amazed to see the oversized mechanical moving artist sculpture on a huge plinth at Millbank-part of a new development in the vicinity of the Tate Modern last August. I have been unable to find any information about this work except for its puzzling title: “Non Plaudite Modo Pecuniam Jacite”,but it certainly is eye catching and intriguing!! Please inform. I also love the whimsical Henry Purcel in a small Victoria park with his floral coiffure!

    • Matt Holland says:

      That was created by a group called Greyworld. Is it still there?

      Speaking of moving sculpture (Thanks for reminding me!) the work at the MuTate Britain exhibition last year was excellent. Some of these guys are at Glastonbury every year and always impress.

  8. Rachel says:

    I agree with londonlover that the Antony Gormley men around the South Bank a couple of years ago were beautiful. I also like Man with Open Arms by Giles Penny, and Couple on a Bench by Lynn Chadwick in Canary Wharf