Visit London Asks: Who Would Be Your Dream Guest Star on EastEnders?

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Barbara Windsor and Boris Johnson: All Smiles in the Queen Vic

Last week, still stunned at Robbie Maddison’s amazing jump across the two open sides of Tower Bridge, we asked you to think of other fun London stunts. Thanks to everyone who commented. 

With news just announced that Mayor Boris Johnson will make a guest appearance on everyone’s favourite London-based TV drama, EastEnders this autumn, we want to know who else you’d like to see on the famous BBC soap.

Perhaps you’d like to see top chef Heston Blumenthal ordering some egg and chips from Jane Beale in Kathy’s Cafe.

Or the Top Gear trio arguing over prices in Mitchell’s Autos. Or Lily Allen getting her nails done at Tanya Branning’s beauty salon.

Or maybe you think Albert Square could do with a little Hollywood glamour. With all their children and the constant interest in their relationship, we reckon there’d be a storyline or two writing themselves if we could only persuade Brad and Angelina to move in.

Who would you like to see given a starring role in EastEnders?


  1. londonlover says:

    I’d love to see David Beckham in an episode. He’s supposed to be from around there, isn’t he? I think it’d be great if he had a kickabout in the park with some of the boys…

  2. IndependentLondoner says:

    EastEnders needs some cheering up: I vote for Bill Bailey being revealed as the secret third Mitchell brother or Beyonce showing some moves on the dancefloor at e20 (or whatever that club is called these days!)

  3. danfan says:

    It should be danny dyer he’d be gr8 in eastenders. i heard he was gettin a role earlier in the yeaar but hasnt happened yet.

  4. Ernest says:

    I’d love to see more Glamour come to it, perhaps a cameo by one of the fashion models like Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell? They’d add quite a bit of drama!