Visiting London: Sophie May

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Where are you visiting from? I live in Los Angeles, but I’m staying in Somerset for the school holidays. I was in London for just one day last week and I hope to come back again before the end of the summer.

How was your day in London?  I spent the day with my mum and auntie and had the most interesting and exciting time. I truly saw what this wonderful city has to offer. The combination of things we did in one day was astonishing.

Claude-Oscar Monet: The Beach at Trouville, 1870. Copyright National Gallery, LondonTo start the day we went to the National Gallery which has a great collection of art. One of the best things is that it’s free, like many other museums in London which is wonderful because everyone can appreciate the art the city has to offer. We saw the new exhibition Corot to Monet which is a collection of landscapes by European artists. After the exhibition we looked at some of the museum’s vast permanent collection.

Did you go anywhere nice for lunch? Yes. We walked down The Mall to a great Japanese restaurant called Sake No Hana. The food was amazing, the service was good and everyone was friendly and organized. The interior was very interesting and designed in an authentic Japanese style with a modern twist.

What came next? We went to Dover Street Market in Mayfair to look at the interesting clothes and shoes. The new Haunch of Venison gallery is round the corner so we went there too. I thought the contrast of the lovely old building with contemporary art inside was really interesting.  The Royal Academy of Arts was our next stop and we saw the J W Waterhouse exhibition, which was lovely and featured some beautiful paintings.

The Parlour at SketchWe needed a rest after all that art and went for afternoon tea at Sketch – a restaurant, tea room, art gallery and bar close to the Royal Academy. The interior is amazing. Each piece of furniture and art is different and better then the next. The afternoon tea was delightful and I will definitely go back.

What was the highlight of your day? The most exciting part happened right at the end. We went to a  charity preview screening of Harry Potter and the Half  Blood Prince! It was at the VUE cinema in Leicester Square at the same time as the premiere. The movie was wonderful and it really made a great end to the day.

My day in London was so interesting and diverse, there is so much happening and each experience is different. There is so much to see and do in London and that’s what makes it an amazing city.


  1. Daniel Goldstein says:

    What did you see at Haunch of Venison?

  2. Joel Sill says:

    Your dad sent me your blog. It sounds like you, your mum and aunt had a perfect day. Monet is my favorite artist.

  3. stewart levine says:

    i want to be you

  4. Stuart Woods says:

    Wow! Did you get to see or meet any of the Harry Potter actors?

    • Sophie May says:

      i did not meet any of the actors, but i did get a glimpse of them. As it was one the biggest premiers of the year, it was very busy. The whole event was full of excitement.

  5. David Goldstein says:

    Mmmm…British sushi. Sounds like a perfect day. How do you follow that one up; please blog.

  6. Jayne says:


    You have given me some great ideas for when I next visit London.
    I am looking forward to reading your next blog.

    Jayne (Vancouver)

  7. Richard Druz says:

    Hi S.M

    What a glorious day it was.

    I must say that I am truly impressed with how articulate and crisp your interveiw went.

    Miss You,

    Godfather Druz

  8. Glennis says:

    Hi Sophie

    Sounds like you had a fantastic time in London! You have given me lots of ideas for my next visit – I especially like the bit where you went to Dover Street Market to look at the clothes and shoes.

    Glennis x

  9. Sophie May says:

    One of the most interesting things that I saw, was a video installation by the artist Bill Viola.

  10. KRandow says:

    This really sounded like a great day, and as you have seen for yourself are there lots ofthings to do in london. I love this city. I have been living here for the last 4 years and still discover the city every day new. I do love the Tate Modern, the white cube gallery, hoxton, little venice and soho of course. If you ever come back to London, have a walk along southbank and have a glass of wine next to embankment.