Evolution! A Darwin-inspired Extravaganza for Kids at The Royal Albert Hall

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Special Guest Sir David Attenborough onstage at the BBC Proms with CBBC presenters Gemma Hunt and Barney Harwood.

This weekend, the Royal Albert Hall celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin with an uplifting prom themed around evolution.

Special guest presenter Sir David Attenborough and conductor Charles Hazlewood took the audience on a musical journey from the big bang, through life on earth and off into space!

We all joined in the beginning of the world, quietly humming, then whistling and finally whooping as the BBC Concert Orchestra and London Philharmonic Choir reached a melodic crescendo.

The prom introduced two premieres – the first performance of Goldie’s classical work Sine Tempore and the first UK performance of Hekla by Jón Leifs. Hekla sounds like a volcano exploding and included percussionists smashing rocks together, banging an anvil and even a canon booming at the back of the hall.

Dinosaurs from the BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs turned up to terrorise the audience and eat a few children. The T rex on the stage roared while the orchestra performed the theme from Jurassic Park. (And I’ve only just stopped having nightmares after being scared by Daleks at last year’s Doctor Who themed prom!)

After the dinosaurs, prommers enjoyed music about insects, animals and birds. Then humans arrived, heralded by Aaron Copeland’s Fanfare for the Common Man. The concert ended with the futuristic Star Wars theme.

You can catch the Evolution Prom on iPlayer, but even better, you can book a ticket for one of the upcoming proms. The proms run till the 12th September and there are still tickets available for most concerts. Tickets start from just £5.

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