The Camden Fringe: The Jokerists in London

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The Jokerists at the Camden FringeThe Camden Fringe bounces into town this August, bringing a month of brilliant comedy and theatre to London.

We caught up with comedians The Jokerists, also known as Rose Watt, Holly Burns and Del Des Anges to find out about their fringe show.

Tell us about your show

Rose: It’s what happens when no one says no to a stupid idea.
Holly: It’s called Comecidal Lolocaust.
Rose: We do twenty minutes of stand-up each.
Holly: Very egalitarian.
Rose: My bit is about my life since moving to London. With songs.
Del: I’m the childish disgusting one. The one your parents warned you about.
Holly: And I basically geek out over science to an alarming degree, with occasional singing and dancing.
Rose: Also there’s cake. FREE CAKE*.
Del: Come and laugh at our faces. Camden Head, tea time.
Holly: Ahem. That would be The Camden Head 4.15pm, 9-11 August. REMEMBER THE CAKE.

What are your favourite comedy venues in London?

Holly: Yes, do tell. I need recommendations for when I move to London.
Rose: There’s a new material night called Old Rope that I love because I’m a comedy nerd and like watching try-out stuff grow into actual routines.
Del: And I didn’t die on my arse at Lion’s Den, so that’s good.

The Camden Fringe runs throughout August. All tickets are £7.50. Check out the full list of Camden Fringe events.

*subject to availability.