Walking with Dinosaurs

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An even scarier T. Rex, from Walking with Dinosaurs

It’s turning into Dinosaur week in London. Which, as any six year old, or any grown up dino-nut (guilty as charged), will tell you is only right and proper.

Last night saw the first London performance of Walking with Dinosaurs at The O2. It’s on there until Sunday and then comes to Wembley Arena at the end of the month.

Huxley the paleontologist narrates the journey from the first dinosaur eggs in the triassic through to the meteor impact at the close of the cretaceous (was that a spoiler?). He does the science bit, covering evolution and plate tectonics to tell how the world and its animals and plants have changed over millions of years. But the stars are, of course, the dinosaurs themselves – nine different species, plus one pterosaur.

T. rex is, as in all dino-films, a shameless scene stealer, stomping and roaring as she defends her child from a pair of (justifiably) upset herbivores.

For me the stars were the Brachiosaurs. When Huxley describes the beast towering over him as a youngster and goes on to tell how much bigger he will grow (as tall as a three storey building, as long as two buses, as heavy as ten adult elephants “give or take an adult elephant”) you may think “ah, that’s why they made a small one, there’s no way they could do an adult”, but then a full grown titan joins him in the arena!

The dinosaurs are wonderful creations – they look, move and sound like living animals. For anyone who loves, or even just likes a little bit, dinos, this is probably the closest we’ll come to seeing them in life.

Tickets are selling out fast so book now or enter our competition to win a family ticket.


  1. Lettice says:

    The Brachiosaurs were amazing.

  2. Zoo Dude says:

    Walking with Dinosaurs was amazing the dionsaurs look really real! My favourite was the T-Rex! !GO DINOSAURS GO!