Yum Chaa: A Tea Bag Free Zone

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Try loose leaf tea at Yum Chaa

Living in London, we’re used to doing everything at twice the normal speed – lunches on the go, speed-dating and of course, grabbing a quick morning brew.

Newly opened tea shop Yum Chaa is encouraging us to slow down and take a bit of me time over a cup of their specially-blended, loose leaf tea. While tea bags may be more convenient, they constrict the movement of the tea, releasing bitter tannins which spoil the flavour. So you’ll only find the loose leaf variety when you sit back and relax at Yum Chaa.

The teas on offer range from the familiar Earl Grey and Assam, to more exotic varieties such as Egyptian Nights and Chilli Chilli Bang Bang. There’s also a naughty selection of cakes on offer.

The shop floor

Yum Chaa is located in Soho, just a few minutes walk from Oxford Street, making it the perfect place to take a break from shopping.

And if you really are too busy to be away from your email, the café has free Wi Fi so you can tap away to your heart’s content (or have a loose-leaf to go if you must dash!)