Anish Kapoor at the Royal Academy of Arts

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Anish Kapoor‘s long-awaited exhibition opens on Saturday at London’s Royal Academy of Arts.

This is the first time the Royal Academy’s Main Galleries have been taken over by a living artist, and Kapoor has made good use of the space.

On arrival you’ll see the impressive Tall Tree and the Eye sculpture in the Royal Academy’s courtyard, a 15-metre high tower of shiny stainless steel balls.

Head inside to see one of the show’s most talked-about exhibits: Svayambh, a massive block of red wax that travels slowly through the galleries on train tracks, depositing wax all over the white walls and doorways.

More red wax is involved in Shooting in the Corner (see below), a giant cannon which goes off every 20 minutes, shooting wax against the wall. Be prepared for a loud bang!

There are many more beautiful pieces in the show: sculptures resembling colourful stacks of pigment, smooth shaped mirrors, and mounds of clay.

There’s so much to see in the exhibition that it’s well worth the £12 ticket price.

Anish Kapoor is at the Royal Academy of Arts from 26 September to 11 December.

Watch Anish Kapoor’s Shooting into the Corner live from the Royal Academy:


  1. Lilac says:

    The pink lipstick thing looks so cool. In fact, everything does. Have just stuck it firmly on the must-see list!

  2. Julie says:

    Slug was my favourite exhibit (see the last picture in the gallery above). Anish Kapoor is pure genius. His work is mesmerising, challenging and above all stunningly beautiful. Highly recommended – don’t miss it!

  3. Carinya says:

    This looks amazing, fantastic pictures. I love the texture to everything.