Autumn at Kew Gardens in London

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I tend to think of Kew Gardens as a place best visited in spring when hundreds of daffodils and crocuses fill the lawns.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when I visited on a distinctly autumnal day – windy, a little on the cold side, and cloudy skies (though the sun did manage to break through a few times).

Although many of the flowers aren’t in bloom at this time of year, there’s still plenty of colour on the trees, as their leaves turn red, gold and orange. The ground was littered with acorns and it seemed the resident squirrels couldn’t believe their luck as they scampered about collecting them.

There was no shortage of wildlife as we saw several flocks of Canadian Geese wandering around the park, plus swans and their signets on the lake, and a few ducks too.

Up on the impressive Xstrasa Treetop Walkway, we came close to some pretty decent looking conkers – the kind that I could never quite reach as a child. In all honesty, I was still too short to get them, but a taller person might just manage!

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  1. Lilac says:

    I love Kew Gardens. It really is a year-round delight!

  2. jose adams says:

    I agree – I live quite close by and visit regularly. Even in the depths of winter there are many delights to discover and you can always warm up in the Palm House.