Femme Fatale at the Met Bar

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If you have ever been seduced by an alluring woman, you will be familiar with the meaning of Femme Fatale. Until last night we (Jo and Jamie) had never succumbed to the fatal charms of a woman but in true excessive style, we fell for not one but four in one evening!

Last night, our new live music event Femme Fatale debuted in the Met Bar in conjunction with ZEN FM presents, showcasing the best in emerging female musicians. Naively sipping our cocktails, we were unaware of the potent mix of music that was to follow.

Axe Girl

The first performance, a Celtic Harpist called Jharda, enchanted the audience with her haunting voice and melodic strings, delicately evoking a strange desire to dance in the royal courts of Henry VIII.

Then, Axe Girl with her punky attitude rocked the stage with a mix of edgy pop-rock anthems. Cue much head banging and air guitar action.

After we were released from the clutches of our first two sirens, voluptuous songstress Charley Bird sent the audience into a heady whirl of Kit Kat club excitement with her Dietrich-esque voice and pin-up poses.

Finally, Chyna Wyne captivated the crowd with her striking beauty and Reggae beats in her gravity defying high heels (teacher by day, diva by night) whilst we got up and got down to the bongo beats!

Dazed and delighted, we took to our carriages in a love-struck stupor satiated by our first experience of Femme Fatale. Tempted? Join us for the next Femme Fatale in December.