Reasons To Run Around London in a Gorilla Suit

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The Great Gorilla Run

Everyone has a list of life ambitions: write a book, win the lottery, have a No. 1 single, run around London in a gorilla costume. Yes, you read that last one correctly!

It may not be top of most people’s lists, but on Saturday 26 September, I will be taking part in the Great Gorilla Run, a 7km race around the streets of London, to raise money for the 700 remaining mountain gorillas in the wild. And I can’t wait!

I have to admit that I wouldn’t normally don a gorilla suit just to go on a run, but there is something amazing about taking part in sporting occasions in the capital which makes it worth wearing a hairy second skin.

I’ve taken part in a couple of London events before and it always surprises me just how cool and inspiring it is to run past so many iconic buildings.

However, the best thing about events in London is always the crowd. During every event I have ever competed in, the London community has always been incredible. The enthusiasm, encouragement and support they provide is always so valued and helpful for those competing.

The endless cheers, shouts and clapping are like an extra oar to the boat crews; an extra pair of legs to the marathon runners; an extra penalty to the city’s rugby teams; and an extra gear to the cyclists.  And no doubt they’ll be an extra banana to us gorillas!

The Great Gorilla Run will take me through the City, across the Thames via four different bridges (including Tower Bridge) and speeding past some of London’s most famous attractions such as Tate Modern, HMS Belfast, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Bank of England – phew!

And if it goes well, then who knows, London 2012 may see the first Gorilla to win an Olympic Gold medal.

There’s now just over 3 weeks to go until the event. Training has begun so look out for updates on how it’s going shortly.

Sponsor Chris Moon


  1. Jo says:

    How excellent is it going to be to see a 1000 gorillas running through London!

  2. Mike says:

    Good luck on the sponsorship front mate. I tried the same thing at Visit London myself three years ago and got sweet FA in the way of a response, let alone sponsorship!!

  3. Rachel says:

    So sad I won’t be there to witness this but rest assured I’ll pass on your regards to your little Javan Langur brothers. They’ll be very pleased with your efforts. Run gorilla boy, run!

  4. Peter says:

    I’ll be there on the banks of the river screaming my lungs out for you! good luck with training!