The Friends Central Perk Café Pops Up in Soho

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Gunther actor, James Michael Tyler, pops into the Friends Central Perk Coffee Shop in Soho

London’s pop-up craze continues with this latest pop-up café in Soho, modelled on the Central Perk coffee shop in the hit US TV series, Friends.

I “popped” down to check it out at lunchtime and the hysteria had already begun.

There was a queue down the street to get in, and both inside and outside the mock café, people were snapping away to capture the moment.

Once inside you can treat yourself to a complimentary cappuccino or latte and marvel at the effort that has gone into bringing the TV coffee shop to life.

The coffee is surprisingly good, and you can perch at a table or even the famous Friends sofa (home to many a memorable gag) if you’e lucky enough to get a space…

When we arrived, we were slightly star-struck to see that Gunther was there in the flesh, although sadly, we couldn’t spot Joey.

Die-hard Friends fans can even reminisce alongside some classic props used in some of the favourite episodes.

You’ll have to be quick though as the fun’s all over after 4th October.

Visit the website and download your free coffee voucher:

It is, of course, all a blatant plug for the 15th anniversary of Friends, but who cares when you get free coffee?


  1. Lettice says:

    Gunther was there? Is it quite tragic that I’m impressed by that?