Swissotel The Howard’s Chocolate St Paul’s Cathedral

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A white chocolate St Pauls Cathedral

Swissotel The Howard London have created a tiny chocolate St Paul’s Cathedral for their luxurious London Landmark afternoon tea and we think it’s really cool. If you want to eat one of these and other famous London landmarks transformed into biscuit, book now!

(Sorry the photo is a little fuzzy, when I went back for more pictures, the cathedral had mysteriously relocated to a nice safe tummy.)


  1. Lilac says:

    That’s great!

  2. Julie says:

    I’m the lucky owner of the ‘safe tummy’! So delicious.

  3. Ian says:

    that looks really yummie can’t wait to see/taste more…

  4. Elly says:

    that’s really cool I have heard about it, they should also have a Big Ben chocolate

  5. Janet E Davis says:

    I love the idea of a London Landmark afternoon tea!!

  6. Angelo says:

    What does St Pauls taste like Julie?

  7. Sue says:

    I think they do have a big ben, I have seen it in a magazine…looks great I have booked to go next weekend:)

  8. Evina Lindner says:

    Such a gidea! I love it!!! There is a special website as well – check it out! Evina

  9. Tom says:

    …have seen the chocolate Big Ben! It is great

  10. Monty says:


    I have been there, all biscuits look so cute I a bought a set for my parents.

    The takeaway bag is awsome too!!

  11. Pedro says:

    Its a great thing.
    The London cap was my favorite.

  12. Eva says:

    Have tried it extensly and it was just gorgeous ! Especially my friends from abroad, who visit me once in a while, were amazed…Have a try !

  13. Suzan says:

    Afternoon tea in London? The only place to be is Swissotel The Howard… Really good and tasty ;)

  14. eva84 says:

    Great idea chocolate biscuit!
    I’m Italian and I’m greedy… of course!

  15. V says:

    whats wrong with you all do u all work for the swissotel?
    is this is filled with marzipan.
    please take my word for it this is not as good as it looks dont waste your time or money.