Visit London Asks: What’s Your Favourite Restaurant in London?

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Oysters and wine

In honour of this week’s ongoing London Restaurant Festival, we want to know:

What’s your favourite restaurant in London?

London really does have a fantastic range of different places to eat out. You can sample pretty much every style and variety of cuisine in the world in the city: here are 43 to whet your appetite, but we’re sure there are more!

There are cheap and cheerful cafes and budget restaurants perfect for grabbing a quick bite alongside really posh places where you can splurge on a special occasion… and everything in between!

But is there something that stands out for you? Let us know!

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  1. londonlover says:

    Tricky question – there are so many! One of my favourite restaurants in London is Le Chardon in East Dulwich:

    It does great French food, has great decor, and has a lovely atmosphere. Never had a bad meal there. And their set menus that are quite reasonable, considering the quality the food they serve.

  2. Zoe J. Griffiths says:

    Great suggestion – thanks!

    I love the Italian on Clapham High Street called San Marco. Great pizzas, amazing pasta, friendly staff, and it’s really laid-back. And you’ve got to love an Italian restaurant that regularly has big tables of Italian friends and families celebrating their birthday parties and anniversaries! A great endorsement…

  3. Lilac says:

    Had a delicious festival menu at Gordon Ramsay’s York & Albany restaurant on the weekend. Great place, excellent value.

  4. Teri says:

    Gilgamesh in Camden does amazing food, and I love the garish oriental decor.

    But the fried squid is to die for.

  5. Jenny says:

    It’s hard to choose just one – there are so many great places and it depends on the type of food you’re after.

    For pizza, I like Fire & Stone in Covent Garden (plus you can often get some good deals there if you book in advance.)

    For Chinese food I always head to The Crispy Duck in Chinatown.

    And for a very special occasion, Skylon is amazing. Lovely food, a view across the Thames and best of all, a champagne trolley!

  6. Lettice says:

    I had an amazing meal at The Landau last year, one of those meals where you can’t quite finish the last few mouthfuls even though you really want to!

  7. Nic says:

    ‘Buen ayre’, Argentine Grill, Broadway Market. Fabulous steak, parsley potatoes and a great wine list! yummy.

    Big fan of ‘The Albion’ on Redchurch in Shoreditch. Sustainable budget dining where you can always get a fish pie. They also make all of their own bread and cakes and its delicous.

  8. Carinya says:

    I have to put forward Food For Thought on Neal Street, not so much a restaurant as a cosy hole in the ground but I love the big portions of veggie food, cheap prices and friendly staff.

    If it’s a special occasion (or someone generous is footing the bill!) Blue Elephant’s buffet is excellent – the little leaf-wrapped spice parcels are worth the trip alone and the river running through the restaurant is amazing.

  9. skizziks says:

    Hey Lilac, I was at York & Albany on Saturday too! Maybe I saw you there. My favourite restaurant in London is St John Bread & Wine, at Spitalfields. Great to go with a crowd, as invariably pretty well everything on the menu will be ordered, all of it delicious. And no matter how full you are, I defy you to resist ordering madeleines for afters.

    I also love Moro, at Exmouth Market. Wood-roasted bream, mmmmm….

  10. Rachel says:

    So difficult to choose!! I’ve had a couple of great meals in The Boundary in Shoreditch, excellent charcuterie trolley :)

    I also used to be a big fan of The Morgan Arms in Mile End but in haven’t been in a while.

  11. tim g says:

    I love Porters in Covent Garden. Good old traditional British pies, chips, fish, puddings etc all cooked perfectly. The way it should be. Plus the full bar! Yum.

  12. Greg Watts says:

    I’d probably say Ask at Butler’s Wharf or The Sea Cow in East Dulwich.

  13. A says:

    Jen Cafe in China Town does fantastic very cheap soup noodles and dim sum (which are made fresh by a woman standing in a corner of the restaurant).

    Porte D’Indes do a great Sunday lunch buffet.

    The Wolseley is the best organised most efficient restaurant I’ve ever been to.