a-Ha at The O2 in London

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They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes, but should you go and see the bands you had posters of on your bedroom wall 20 years ago? If the band in question is a-Ha, the answer is yes!

From the buy generic cialis Sun Always Shines On TV to the closing notes of Take On Me (via their latest hit single Foot of the Mountain), a-Ha’s gig at The O2 last night was worth waiting two decades for. The music still sounds fresh and exciting and, despite pushing 50(!), Morten, Mags and Pal still look as young and tasty as they did in that poster. No signs of ravaged rock star looks or excessive pie-eating retirement on this stage.

a-Ha plan to play a final worldwide tour in 2010 before splitting up, so you’ll have one last chance to see them in London next year. While you’re waiting for the details of the tour, we say go and indulge your 80s crushes, Smash Hits obsessions and dirty secrets.

Artists who defined the 80s embarking on London gigs in the near future include:

Loads of 80s stars are still touring, and you can even catch Belinda Carlisle in Hairspray.

A-Ha are the second band that I loved in the 80s and hadn’t seen live until this year (I saw The Shadows in September; I love you Bruce!) Now I’m on a mission to tick some more names off a slightly embarrassing list.

Who were your teen crushes, the bands and singers you never got to see when you were 13? And will you be going to see them live in London in 2010?


  1. Lilac says:

    I’m quite keen to see PiL!

  2. Heidi says:

    Went to see A-ha last night and I turned into the teenager I was 20 plus years ago. My seats were in the front, and they all looked amazing, sounded fantastic and it was a dream come true.

  3. Becci says:

    Went to see A-ha at the O2 on Weds 4th Nov. It was great to see that the band performed and exceeded my expectations! The songs they performed were a mix from all of their albums but all brought into the modern day with twists of dancey music. The backgroung stage visuals were like giant screen savers, but would have liked to see more of the band on the giant screens. Only downer was the sound quality at the O2 isn’t great and was surprised that wasn’t top notch. Can’t wait to go to the 2010 farewell tour.

    • Paulo Zazeri says:

      Hi, i also went to see a-ha at the O2 in London on 04 November 2009.

      Do you know the names of all the songs they played at the concert?

      I am looking for a particular song they sang, but i don not know the name.

      I saw a-ha 20 years ago in Sao Paulo – Brasil, i loved it.

      I love a-ha

      Please help me to find the name of this song.