Ghost Forest Comes To Trafalgar Square

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Ghost Forest in Trafalgar Square

Yesterday, a Ghost Forest arrived in Trafalgar Square, in the form of several gigantic, root-covered tree stumps.

The vision of artist Angela Palmer,  the installation carries a serious message about deforestation and climate change.

The tree stumps have all been transported to London from Ghana, which has lost 90% of its primary rainforests over the last 50 years.

Angela PalmerWhen I visited today, Trafalgar Square was bathed in sunlight and full of curious passers-by.

The artist was standing in the middle of the square, fascinated by people’s reactions to her work.

“There was a lady who said she works in a concrete environment, and she never sees the natural environment anymore.  Here she feels as though she’s walking in a forest,” said Palmer.

“Yesterday two ladies were in tears, they were so moved by the rainforest being transplanted here. Other people just see them as sculptural objects, like a Henry Moore sculpture.”

Ghost Forest is in Trafalgar Square until 22 November. The installation then heads to Copenhagen, where it will be on display during the UN Climate Change Conference.

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  1. Claire says:

    Is the installation lit up at night? I want to visit this evening!

  2. Julie says:

    How amazing. Save the trees!

  3. Claire says:

    Update: I walked past it last night. Very moving