Video of the Week: The Open Road London 1927

OK, so at over 10 minutes, this is a little longer than most YouTube snippets, but we promise it’s totally worth staying with it. (And it’s Friday – you deserve a little break…)

This remarkable colour film of London was taken in 1927 by pioneering filmmaker Claude Friese-Greene.

We think some of the black-and-white information plates are hilarious!

London’s roads look so wide and empty with the slow, elegant motorcars moving gracefully along them. And there’s a fascinating section that seems to have been filmed right infront of where VL Towers stands in shiny More London today! See if you can spot familiar areas looking drastically different, and let us know what your favourite bits are…


  1. londonlover says:

    I love that little girl by the Peter Pan statue! She’s so cute!! :)

  2. Claire says:

    I absolutely love this video. Not least because I generally walk across London Bridge each day on my way to VL towers – same old river. Love. : )