Visit London Poll: Which are London’s Best Christmas Lights?

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Carnaby Street's Christmas lights

It’s the festive season, and London’s lit up like a, well, Christmas Tree…

From presents to snowflakes to classy twinkly Victoriana to psychedelic reindeer, it’s a varied bunch for London’s Christmas lights this year.

We want to know which you think are best!

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  1. Davina Payne says:

    They give me the Christmas Feeling:)))))

  2. Tracey Mills says:

    hey are just SO Carnaby – very nostalgic!!!!

  3. simon burstein says:

    the arches on South Molton st are attracting a lot of people who have their photo taken under them.
    It’s a design that suits the street and is very welcoming.

  4. Poh Lee says:

    The South Molton Christmas lights are elegant and enhances our experience of the walk down South Molton Street filled with festive cheer.

  5. Chantal Boyle says:

    they’re the best.

  6. Frank Hynes says:

    Regent Street provides consistent good quality and innovative lighting schemes and those behind them deserve our thanks and praise.

  7. Robert Holdsworth says:

    I think the colour is just right ,not gaudy,and their positioning enhances the shop windows.I have now altered my way home from work to enjoy the experience.

  8. Din Sun Yoo says:

    Regent Street lights look the same as last year, infact having looked back at my old photo’s that I took last year they are exactly the same. What a load of cheapskates The Crown Estate are, re-using the same old boring lights as last year. Have they got no vision into the public’s perspective of “Christmas”. They look nothing like Christmas stars, more like a net full of some working & mostly broken bulbs that has been pulled out of storage and just re-hung. If Regent Street wants to be “The Street” it portrays it self to be, then it has a very long way to go. Totally Disappointed, and throughly let down.

  9. Chris Smith says:

    I have no idea how much The Crown has spent on the Christmas lights but from my knowledge of the industry I can only imagine that it is quite substantial. To justify that expense they would have to retain the lights for three to four years and I guess that it is possibly costing them around £400,000 a year. So to call them cheapskates is below the belt and unwarranted.

  10. Mark says:

    St. Christopher’s Place has very beautiful lights. If you are wandering along Oxford Street and get fed up with getting nowhere fast then pop to St. Christopher’s Place.

  11. Mark says:

    Decided to drive up thru Regent St to see the Xmas lights this year…wish we hadn’t bothered. Uninspiring net-lighting throughout with nothing else at all. Plus the usual Central London traffic jams making the whole experience totally missable and miserable. You’ll see better displays in your local towns i’m sure.