Alex James Launches Giant Punch Bowl

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Alex James floating on Bompas & Parr's giant Architectural Punch Bowl

What do you get if you cross 4,000 litres of punch with a swimming pool and Alex James from Blur? Bompas & Parr’s Architectural Punch Bowl of course!

The “food architects” responsible for last year’s brilliant Jelly Banquet have flooded the billiard room at 33 Portland Place with enough punch fill 25,000 glasses. Alex James helped launch the installation last night.

Visitors can float around the lake on a fruit-shaped raft, and play with remote-controlled berries, before enjoying a glass of punch served by a sailor with a ladle.

(Don’t expect to look glamorous – you’ll be asked to put on a hair net and plastic apron before you enter the room.)

The Architectural Punch Bowl is open today and tomorrow. Tickets (£6.50) are currently sold out, but more may be released later today, so keep an eye on the Bompas & Parr website.


  1. Lilac says:

    I was SO excited about this crazy installation, so I’m really pleased it turned out to be as cool as I hoped!

  2. Claire says:

    Love this, I can’t wait for their next clever caper!

  3. Jenny says:

    This looks great! I loved their vaporised cocktail stunt earlier this year. It wasn’t very glamorous either as we had to wear white boiler suits!

  4. foamy says:

    The organisers took a risk in inviting Alex James — he is not a man to be daunted by 4,000 litres of punch. Gluggity glug, Mr James!