Jingle Bell Ball: Lady Gaga, JLS… and Jedward

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The O2 stage

The arrival of tickets to the Jingle Bell Ball at VL Towers sparked excited discussion about our gone-but-not-forgotten teenage years.

Back then, the pop event of the year wasn’t the Jingle Bell Ball but the Smash Hits Poll Winner’s Party. None of us had a parent or older sibling cool enough willing to take us, and the disappointment has clearly never gone away.

So, even though I’m¬†probably too old, I took the teenage girl in me to the Jingle Bell Ball on Saturday night, for the night of live pop she never had!

The singing, dancing and energy were amazing – and that was just from the crowd. “They must all be really drunk,” I mused as I slurped my beer, then realised it was the pure power of hormones.

We tried to resist the atmosphere, growling at Pixie Lott’s youth and talent. But soon we were singing along to her hit, Boys And Girls. As the night went on, I was screaming as much as anyone for JLS to rip off their vests, and swaying to their cover of Rihanna’s Umbrella.¬†

Each artist performed three songs, with a bit of banter from the presenters, and some cart-wheeling from Jedward in between. The O2 staged it well with impressive effects including fireworks, and a light screen on stage.

Lady GagaHeadliner Lady Gaga didn’t disappoint on either the music or costume front. Entering the stage in her first outfit of a red Madonna-esque cone bra and pants, she stomped around the stage and then took her position at the piano (feet on the stool; bum pointing to the ceiling) for an acoustic rendition of Pokerface.

Teenage demons laid to rest, I left The O2.

Did you go to the Jingle Bell Ball? Tell us which acts you liked best!


  1. Claire Doble says:

    I would love to see GaGa. Did she sing Bad Romance?!

  2. Tommo says:

    This makes me feel old :-(