Get Loved Up in London and Win a Luxury Weekend in the Capital!

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With its snug cafés, atmospheric bars, graceful bridges and historic buildings and streets, London is the perfect place for a romantic break. A smooch on top of a double-decker, sunset views from the London Eye, fragrant strolls through Kew Gardens – there are 100s of ways to find love in London.

And we want to know about yours! Tell us your London romantic moment in the comments below… and then enter our Love-In-London competition.

You could win a 5-star luxury weekend in London – including all transport, cocktails and dinner, two nights in a fabulous 5-star hotel and a trip to a West End show!

Even if you don’t have a story to share in the comments, you can still enter the competition. This fantastic prize includes:

  • Return train travel for two people to London
  • Return private transfers from the station to the hotel
  • Two nights’ accommodation at the Radisson Mayfair Hotel
  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant for two people each morning
  • Cocktails and a 3-course dinner at Quaglino’s
  • Two tickets to a West End theatre show of your choice
  • Return private transfers from the theatre back to the hotel

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  1. Rina Musselwhite says:

    43 years ago on 11th February, my husband and I celebrated our honeymoon in London staying at a hotel aptly named Hotel Eden! We would one day like to visit London again and see the things we missed out on all those years ago, and to experience the new attractions like the London Eye. We were unable to celebrate our Ruby (40th) wedding anniversary due to my illness and this would be the next best thing if we could win this competition

  2. TracyB says:

    I met my boyfriend at the Bupa London 10k race last year. It’s our first Valentines Day… would be a fab way to spend it.

  3. Lucy says:

    I was lucky enough to be in London last Valentine’s Day. All the young people were out and about, many carrying long stemmed roses on the street, in the tube, and in restaurants. More than once they relinquished their seats on the tube to my husband and me, very kind indeed. I always love visiting London.

  4. Angie S says:

    I will be meeting my fiance and future husband in London on the 13th February 2010. It would b a big surprise 2 him if we won as he is flying in from Canada! We have booked a flight on the eye and a cruise on the Thames. He has never been 2 England b4 let alone London.

  5. María Fernanda Alonso says:

    Always in love with London although I hav never been in England before.
    Some movies and books just make me feel I will be home, and totally in love in London: From Orlando to Notthing Hill, from Sherlock to Love Actually and Rockandrolla, everything inspires me to experience London, experience love!!
    Im in love with London, although time and distance tears us apart.

  6. Lucy says:

    I fell in love in London 4 years ago, it would be wonderful to celebrate Valentines Day here for our 5 year together!

  7. Steph says:

    Last september I took my boyfriend to London as he had never been before. I had & i love it. To me being from the country it makes a refreshing change to enter the hustle & bustle for a while. We couldn’t afford a fancy hotel or anything but I always think its who you go with that makes your trip!
    On the first night of our stay we went to see Dirty Dancing in the West End. This was amazing! The film had always been a favourite of us both so had to see if the show lived up to our expectations? I can honestly say that I dont know if it was the whole experience of going there with him, the show or just being in a city that has so many stories attached to it but I could hardly hold back the tears. The next night we went out for a lovely meal, that was the night he proposed to me, what can I say…perfect! I would love the oppurtunity to go to this magical place again & 5 star, well, thats once in a lifetime for us!

  8. Joyce Threadgill says:

    I always remember that when we were courting, my husband picked me up and sat me on a river bridge and sang and danced Singin’ in the Rain whilst people on a passing bus watched. The year was 1956………. We have been married now for 50 years.

  9. angela ferebee says:

    Both born and bred in London,
    A couple of Cockney’s we’re proud to be,
    He’s my husband, my lover and my best friend,
    And I’m his one and only, at least that’s what he tells me!!!

  10. Ellen says:

    My husband and I went to London on our honeymoon. We adored it. This year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary and it would be lovely to go back there.I am sure there have been many changes since we were last there

  11. michele says:

    My husband took me to london to see Hairspray the musical in the west end for my birthday, we got back today after a fantastic night, we dined at bella italia on shaftsbury avenue (wonderful)great meal and lovely bottle of wine followed by the brilliant show then back to the Wembley plaza via the underground, we had a great view of the stadium from our hotel room, I had a brilliant birthday and would love to spend valentine’s day London

  12. Darren Geoghegan says:

    I always remember a girl i use to date in london south norwood croydon and would love to have the chance to go to london and relive my times again.

  13. jennifer cairns says:

    i havent actually been to london but would love to see all the sights it would be a nice valetine break if i won

  14. Debbie says:

    My busband and I married last year and we have a 3 year old daughter.My husband is self employed and has been out of work since September 2009 trying to obtain work anywhere.

    This trip would be a most amazing treat for us both, as we simply have very little spare money and to be able to enjoy such a fantastic, vibrant city without a care in the world and enjoy some quality time together would be just the tonic we both need.

  15. Christine says:

    My hubby and I have been married 16 years but with 2 kids never could afford or really got the chance to go away for a weekend, would love the chance to see if it is true what they say about London with its “bright lights” as never been and would be perfect place to spend Valentine’s day.

  16. Brendon Byrne says:

    We need a break

  17. Doreen Stokes says:

    It is 40 years since my husband & I spent a weekend in London. It would be lovely to experience this prize. We both have health conditions which make going anywhere other than by car difficult. Yhis sound like it would be an ideal ramantic weekend.

  18. Mrs Moira Tampsett says:

    My husband and I have just celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary, and would love to mark the event by visiting London Town and taking in a West End show to relive old memories of the first time we visited London. In 1984 we travelled to London and stayed overnight in Shaftsbury Avenue, saw Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mousetrap’ and flew back to Cardiff on Concorde over the Bay of Biscay. It was a truly magnificent romantic trip. My husband, a newly retired firefighter has always come up with something romantic to do on Valentines Day and I would love to surprise him with this fabulous prize.

  19. don lewis says:

    abottle of asti spumante taken from the wine rack by mistake on millennium eve2000 thinking it was abottle of champers — trafalgar square was not afun place to be that night

  20. ampelio says:

    I have worked for 20 years in some of the most important
    hotels in London starting with the Savoy and ending my
    career at the Ritz so it is time for me and my wife to
    enjoy London as guest in a fantastic hotel.

  21. hazel says:

    My best friend and i were fed up of meeting unsuitable men in night clubs so we decided to go to a speed dating event held in my home town.Some of the men were very nice but no sparks or they would talk about their mum for the whole three minutes one even sat picking his nose.So we went home deflated.A friend of mine told me about her recent trip to london where she came back with the details of two hot men.No she didn’t give the numbers to us but told us how great the men were.Then a crazy thought came into my head about trying out speed dating in london as i still didn’t want to meet men in clubs.i phoned my best friend kate and told her of my crazy idea,she was well up for it.So we searched on the web for speed dating events.We found one for a friday night and one for a saturday night[valentines night].We booked our tickets,travel etc and soon arrived in London.I was so excited as it was my first time in london and a long for chance to visit so we booked to stay for a week.We attended our first speed dating event on the friday I don’t know where my friend met her nice men but it certainly wasn’t here.One man who made me laugh i would have gone on a date with but he told me bluntly he had ‘come to find a mistress.’cheek!We knew it was a long shot but anyway enjoyed london sightseeing,ate in lovely cafes in the evening.On the saturday evening we went for a pizza then on to the second speed dating evening.As soon as i walked in i spotted a handsome dark skinned man. He looked over at me too.He is probably so boring i thought or has a wife already.I braved my three minute chats with the attending men.I then arrived at the man i had my eye on introduced himself as frank.He was so shy,so i started chatting.We both couldn’t stop laughing as he was a scouser to but had been living in london for six years.We had so much in common our love of london,rmb music,Jamaican food,you name it.I could see he was impressed with our similarities but not sure if he liked me.I defo wanted to see him again.The evening had come to an end,time to go back to the hotel.I contacted the agency on the monday and was over the moon that we had been paired.We got in contact and my friend told me to go and meet him and not to worry about her.i insisted she come too but she didn’t want to play gooesberry.I felt really bad but kate pushed me to go.I really liked him.When i came home we kept in contact and had a long distance relationship for three weeks.I got pregnant after 6 weeks,got engaged after a year and married two years later.Frankie and i have our permanent home in liverpool but go back to london whenever we can.We have shown our kids where we met and will show our grandchildren.

  22. JOANNA MILLS says:

    I would love to take my boyfriend on this mini holiday to London as he has been poorly lately and it would cheer him up :-)

  23. vishnu mistry says:

    perfect prize to win after 25years of marriage and for my one and only true love.

  24. JANE KIRK says:

    We’re always taking day trips to London and it’s always a let down when we have to come home. To have the chance to stay over would be great.

  25. AMcKimm says:

    Would love opportunity to find love in London! Such a wonderful place especially Thames & London Eye & China Town And so many shows to see

  26. DUNCAN BROWN says:

    Last year we went to see “The Lady in Black” in London. Sitting there in the dark holding hands I somehow managed to fall asleep. Until the gunshot that is, when I very nearly pulled my lovers hand off as I jumped out of the seat. Make me the winner and I promise to stay awake this time!

  27. Ann Jones says:

    I have only been lucky enough to spend one Valentine’s Day in London, the only drawback was that my husband was back home in Wales! It was in our first few years of marriage and I had an overnight stay in London before a training course the following day. I spent the evening having a meal with a female colleague, both wishing that we could be with our other halves.

  28. Gillian Hogg says:

    I am 50 this year and also due to celebrate 30th anniversary.I love romance but unfortunately I am not married to the most romantic of men.It would be great to answer my sons constant questions of”What are you and dad doing for Valenines” by saying a 5star break in the capital of love.What a wow way to combine 2 very special occasions in 2010.

  29. Shal Hodder says:

    We love London!
    My husband treated me to a suprise trip to the Dome a couple of years ago to see the Tutenkhamum exhibition. We drove down and spent the day at the dome had lunch and dinner there. We then went to the hotel, up bright and early next day to see the Tower of London and the famous red bus tour. It was a wonderful weekend and we were both so tired at the end that we fell asleep on the bus tour.

  30. janice kershaw says:

    I have never been to London so I dont have a romantic tale to tell about the city, but I would love the chance to experience a bit of romance there with the person I love.

  31. Our best weekend in London was just a one off and we decided to have a short break there. When we got to Trafalgar square they were waiting for a big parade. We moved over to the Mall to find HUGE puppet figures from a show that was going on. Then the horse-guards came down the Mall with there resplendent uniforms and we moved on to the London Eye.

    This was everything and more that I thought it would be. As my wife is in a wheelchair we were ushered on straight away and the views were just spectacular.

    Then through St James park and to Buckingham palace and back down the Mall to walk to Oxford St. and the shops. A great weekend and all of this was unplanned.

  32. May Harrison says:

    It would be a fantastic treat to visit London with my wonderful husband.

  33. john kerr says:

    Last year my wife broke her leg in the snow, after 6 painful weeks, and I don’t just mean her leg, I decided on a treat for her as she had been housebound for the six weeks. I booked a weeked away in London including a show, and it turned out to be one of the best weekends ever, even to the point of my wife wanting to do the tourist part of walking round London! I was knackered before her, and previously to this she only walked from the living room to the kitchen.We walked about 6 miles on the one day as we wanted to see everything. The best part about it was that we had no kids to contend with, as they stayed at home. Being aged 20 and 16 I would have been surprised if they came, so was great to be alone ad rediscover why we got together in the first place.

  34. V Padayachee says:

    My husband and two children have been living in the UK since 2001. It has been our dream to see one of the shows at the West End and to spend the night in London. To date it has not been possible for many reasons. Being able to do this on such a wonderful day would be a memorable event for both my husband and I. London is a wonderful city to explore both during the day and at night. The saying ‘so near but so far’ is so true for us

  35. Judith Taylor says:

    I have never ben to London, I have always wanted to. It is hard for my husband and I to get away as we both work away from home all the week and only able to catch up with each other at weekends. It would be lovely to spend some time togather in a place I have never visited.Our Capital.

  36. MEL says:

    I cannot wait to take my valentine to London, she would love the weekend treat.
    A 5* weekend for a 5* wife.

  37. Margaret P says:

    In December 1961 we spent our honeymoon at the Kensington Close Hotel. We had a lovely but very cold wedding and took the train to London. The restaurant car we had expected was non-existant and we had to make do with a pork pie on Derby station! On arriving late and starving at the hotel we were told by a snooty gent that the kitchen had finished. After begging we got a couple of sanwiches. To cap it all husband had ‘flu and was in bed for 3 days! not for the usual newly weds reason either! I would love to experience a better time, but still with the same man!!

  38. elaine clewlow says:

    this year me and my husband have been married for thirty years
    we got married at easter, the day day we got married was a beautiful suuny day,to win the loved up trip to london would
    be perfect as we are still very much in love thirty years later and we still hold hands in bed, if we won this trip it would be the icing on the cake .

  39. Judith Taylor says:

    I have never been to London so I cannot comment, but would love to go.

  40. M.Lalji says:

    I was walking along the High street in Southall, and saw this girl getting on a bus.She was wearing jeans, with long black hair down to her bum. I only was her rear aspect but the fisrt thought in my mind was ‘ I could marry her’ ! She turned out to be known to my family and 2 months later I was married to her. We’ve been now married 33 years !!

  41. Jean says:

    The best experience I’ve had in London was dancing at one of the tea dances in the Palm Room at the Waldorf. The atmosphere was heathe mos It was like being transported back to a magical romantic era!

  42. Nancy Grant says:

    My husband & I celebrated our Golden Wedding last year with a family meal at a lovely restaurant with and paid for by our children. We then went to London where we had been as young lovers and enjoyed it as much or even more being just as much in love. We just hope we have the health to go once again this time when the weather is better and we can walk hand in hand on the Thames embankment as we did over 50 years ago.

  43. Alison Kerr says:

    My husband and I went to London on our honeymoon 45 years ago but unfortunately i took ill and he had to take me home to Aberdeen. We were back with the children in 1979 to show them the sights but it would be great to go back on our own to finish our honeymoon and to see how London has changed.

  44. Roey Evans says:

    We booked our honeymoon weekend in London with British Rail.
    We arrived at our impressive-looking hotel only to find BR had double-booked us and we had no bed for the night! We were moved to another less salubrious hotel but we were in love, so what!We were woken throughout the night at regular intervals by sirens – fire, accident, bomb alert – we never found out.
    The following morning we joined a long queue for a ‘Full English’ breakfast and sat down, mouths watering – but the juicy-looking sausages were extremely off!
    Later, sightseeing, Johnny found he had mislaid our return tickets – however,we did manage to get home!
    Our marriage has been like our London honeymoon – getting over numerous obstacles and laughing about it later. But I can honestly say we love each other more now than we did then and the chance of a second honeymoon in London – well!!

  45. RICK READE says:

    Pam & I met at a dance just as I was leaving the Royal Navy.
    After a short spell of terminal leave, I went to work in London a few blocks away from Pam’s workplace. I still felt
    footloose and fancy-free but a few months after travelling into work together Pam was absent from the train for three days. I called her office and was told that she was sick but
    a visit to her home indicated that she was out with another boyfriend. I realised just what Pam meant to me and gained entry to her office one afternoon to find her there. After a short, emotional encounter we found a small,secluded park at the Tower of London. We left the park as an engaged couple.

  46. julie says:

    My first experience of London was when my other half Dean took a temporary job working in Knightsbridge which took him away from home for a few weeks. He asked me to go up and stay for a long weekend where we explored the great sights together. It was whilst walking back to our hotel one night after we had dined out that he suddenly and quite unepectedly dropped to his knees and proposed! I was completely embarassed as all the passers by stopped and cheered and gave us their good wishes – I of course said yes and we had an enthusiastic audience when we hugged and kissed. Will never forget that moment or London for such a magical time.

  47. Adam says:

    Me and my girlfriend met in London on a magical weekend and it would be great to experience that again.

  48. Marion says:

    My partner and I had only been seeing each other for a few weeks when we went to see the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square. We had a very romantic kiss by the tree with the lights, the carols nearby and the bells of St Martins! We try to visit the tree every year to recapture that magical moment.

  49. sara says:

    We treated ourselve to a romantic weekend in London, staying at the Hilton Hotel, hiring a limo to transport us to and from the Dog races in Wimbledon. It was something very different that neither of us had done before. We had time to ourselves away from teh kids and had a fabulous time. So very positive, experience

  50. George W says:

    Twenty file years ago we arrived in London having married earlier that day. Everything had gone smoothly, our hotel had been booked for almost a year.
    We caught the tube from the airport to the station which was only 100 yards from the hotel.
    After 20 minutes of seaching several directions we couldn’t find the hotel, and my credibility was diminishing rapidly with my new bride. I flagged down a taxi put my head through the window and told him the hotel we were going to. “Its right there mate” he said pointing over my shoulder, “it’s changed its name”.
    I would like to return to London with a private transfer to the hotel, as this might stop my wife telling this tale to our children every year on our anniversary.

  51. Julie simpson says:

    Just over 11 years ago my boyfriend at the time said we were going to London for the weekend to stay with his brother that lives in Whitton. I was really excited about the trip as I had not been down to London from Yorkshire for years.
    We set off down to London and parked in the NCP car park near to Hyde Park and went for a lovely but cold walk through the park to Harrords, as we walked back through the park Tony told me we were going to meet up with Nick his friend who stayed in London regular on buisiness and that he was staying at the Hilton Hyde Park Hotel. When we got to the hotel I went straight to the toilet while Tony went to check what room his friend was staying in (or so I thought).We went up to Nicks room and Tony distracted me while he used the key he had got in reception to open the room door and walked in the room pretending to talk to Nick his friend. As I walked in the room I was so shocked there was a bottle of chanpagne and flowers and on the welcome screen on the TV it said “JULIE WILL YOU MARRY ME LOVE TONY” It was such a lovely suprise that I will never forget it needless to say his friend was not staying at the hotel we were staying there not with his brother as he had told me. We have now been married for nearly 11 wonderful years.

  52. Roger says:

    Had our honeymoon in London and 47 years later the wondeful memories still gladden our hearts

  53. karolyn holden says:

    On my first trip to London ,I was very unsure going on the underground for the first time ,so I asked this very nice man for directions.He took me to the right platform ,and we got chatting.I recognised his Yorkshire accent ,and it turned out he was from a town near to where I live.He was in London visiting his sister.We spent a few days together ,meeting every day under ‘Big Ben’!We went to see the ‘Lion King’,and both of us cried!We kept in touch when I came home.That was 10 years ago ,and we plan a trip to London again near Valentines Day,and a visit to the theatre -The Lion King ,of course –it’s still going strong!So are we !

  54. jane says:

    Have had the best days out-especially London Dungeons ! When i think of great family times i remember the train rides, going on the tube, the London Aquarium, The museums,going on the London Eye, St. Pauls cathedral,Buckingham Palace ,the parks- (the squirrels and birds),Harrods and of course the Tower of London- like i say great family times and many happy memories.

  55. leah finch says:

    on 11th February, my husband and I celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary. Married on valentines weekend we would love so spend it in London staying at a romantice hotel. I have been to London several times. Once on girls christmas shopping trip stocking up at Harrods and Hamleys for the family. Also with my two son’s, going on the London eye, seeing the sights and takeing in Wembly stadium on the way home. Sadley my husband could not come with me on either trip and i would love to visit London again with him and see the sights, have a romantic trip on the London Eye which will take the day to new heights. My husband has missed out and i would like to make it up to him and given the chance to put some romance back by winning this competition and having the chance to experience a romantic city with the one i love.

  56. Christine Hobbs says:

    I met my Love at the O2
    I got the train but in he flew.
    He looked so handsome singing on stage,
    shame he’s almost half my age.
    ‘Ive Been Expecting you’ I’d say,
    In London this year on Valentines Day.
    Yes its Robbie, dont be mean,
    Even a fifty year old can dream!

  57. Abduhamid Abshir Alim says:

    hallo my name is Abduhamid Abshir, I live In Egypt but my nationality is somali, I love a girl she also lives in Egypt too, I will marry her soon, but we are poor people, so now I wanted to marry her in cairo, and have a honeymoon in cairo. I always dream to visit londonbecause I madly love london, if I would visit there with my lover, it would be the perfect moment of my life, I think if I win this competition, I would have died because of how happy I am.
    all what i can say is , I hope to win this competition, thank u very much. and sorry for me broken englsih.

  58. Linda Rowe says:

    My last visit to London the place of my birth was in 1991,t6 see the Rolling stones at Wembley,My Freind had booked a lovely hotel in grovenor square of the same name,we had a great meal in the restauant that night,and the next day headed out early to see Kensington High St ,as I was born near there,we had Lunch at Bill Wymans,Sticky fingers,(and even had our photo taken,by Japanese tourists whilst eating!?)
    Then on to the Wembley Arena which was heaving with people,and as you can guess we lost each other in the melee!Met up back at the Tube stn.later………
    Would like to try again?

  59. Torquil says:

    We met and fell in love on the London Eye. Every year since then, we return to rekindle our Love

  60. Marc Willliams says:

    In May 2003 my wife and I conceived our first (and currently only) child.

  61. p henley says:

    went to London hated it, dirty and smelly, loved to get back home

  62. Frances May Tate says:

    ‘When a man is tired of London he is tired of life’ said Dr Johnson. So true as London is a brilliant city, the jewel in the world’s crown. The Thames winding through the city and streets full of history, beauty and interest contributed to by architects like Wren and Rodgers.

    I have to declare an interest as I was born in London on 13 May 1943 and left with my parents ten years later for Africa. However I never forgot my first love, London, where my father had shown me much of my birth city.

    A romantic weekend would be wonderful as my husband has recovered from a serious operation and we could celebrate our love and our London love.

  63. Karen Thompson says:

    The only time I have been to London is with my boyfriend who is a Burnley FC fanatic. We went last May to Wembley for the Play Off Final when Burnley was promoted which was such an exhilarating day. We would love to win this prize to be able to get away for a romantic break in such a wonderful city. Having children, we often find it difficult to get away and spend some quality time together.

  64. Roisin says:

    We just got engaged on Christmas day. We would love a trip to London to celebrate. I have never been. It would be great to experience London for the first time with my hubbie to be:)

  65. John Robin says:

    We’ve been married 42years and we keep promising to have a night in London and go to the theatre. Any trip that we have been on we stay outside the capital and it becomes impossible to fit a theatre visit. My wife would love to attend any of the shows in the West End.

  66. Laura Bryant says:

    We met and fell in love in London.

    I was a Student Nurse and he was visiting mutual friends.

    London was my home for 5 years and he visited every weekend, even when I was working. London holds many special memories for both of us!

    We (He and I) will have been married 20 years this year and we have 4 beautiful children.

    This potentially could be our FIRST weekend away together without the children!!

  67. Sophia says:

    After 5 years of loneliness after my divorce, I started chatting online to a man on a dating website (neither of us are ‘IT friendly’ so never had a photo of each other! As I’m from Doncaster and Steve was from Portsmouth we decided to meet half way in London – on the steps of St. Pauls. All I knew was that he would have a newspaper under his arm, so after two embarrasing encounters (me saying ‘Hi Steve’, to two complete strangers with papers under their arm!) we met and ‘clicked’ straightaway. That was three years ago, Steve’s now with me up North (and its not grim, its lovely!)

  68. joan apperley says:

    Went to London a long time ago with someone who was my boyfriend then, and attended the theatre and roamed around hand in hand under the tree lined streets. I would love to have a romantic break there with my husband now, and this would be perfect

  69. Jayne Standen says:

    Have only been to London when watching NUFC play away, most of the time losing lol. Have just met a great guy before Christmas who has cheered me up following the death of my father last year.

    A romantic weekend together in London would be fantastic to show my appreciation to Darren and give us some quality time together.

  70. Nigel smith says:

    Would love to stay in London with my Wife as we have never had the chance to experince this.

  71. Gerald Purbrick says:

    To prove to wife that i’m still romantic, it would be great to take her London and re-live the days when we were courting. We use to go to London and see the shows in the West end and have many memories.
    She used to work in London for many years and I know she misses the City with the bright lights.
    I’ve tried to do many things to prove that I’m still romantic but I think this would really surprize her.

  72. Vince says:

    Went for a lovely meal at Smiths of Smithfield – highly recommended.

  73. Debbie Smith says:

    My husband surprised me with a trip to London for my 30th birthday we had just got married the same year and I wasnt expecting any more surprises. We had a fantastic time and saw Joseph it was breathtaking. My husband (who is a football fanatic) loved it as much as me. Harrods was next I was like a child in a candy store. The trip was so romantic as we had a three year old at the time and it was lovely having some alone time, we are expecting our second child this summer and this would be a fantastic treat for us before our new arrival.

  74. Leonard Bridges says:

    On the 03-07-1959 I was at a dance at the Crown & cushion and saw a angel dancing with someone, I requested a dance, she took one look and said I don`t Dance with Teddy-Boys, I said its not the suit its whats inside it that counts, her reply was, anyway I`ve got a boy-friend, not to be put off, I tried for Three hours to get a dance, finaley I got the last Dance by then I was compleatley smittem, as we dance I said to her you have save the best till last and I promise you I will marry you come what may, it took me six years of fighting, pleading,and persuading to keep that promise.
    we are now celibrating our 50 years since we met if we had the chance of this prize it would be the iceing on a very fruitful cake.

  75. Scully says:

    We had our first date in London and it will always have a special place in our hearts!

  76. Mariko says:

    Met my boyfriend in London, had our first date by the Riverside and 2 years on everytime we go to the Riverside we remember the wonderful date and thank that day for giving us what we have now.

  77. Susan Hern says:

    A romantic memory of 32 years ago.My fiance and I had been to a show in London,but the last tube stopped short of our car-park,so we set out to walk.Having made a complete circuit of the one-way system following signs,ending up where we started,we decided to hail a taxi.The driver was rather surprised we wanted to be taken 500 yards,but we were tired and our feet hurt.This didnt spoil a fantastic day.We were still in love.

  78. Sarah Webb says:

    My Fiance has never been to London and reckons he never will because he would hate it! I’d love to prove him wrong.

  79. Alistair Gibson says:

    In 1975 a girl robbed me in the streets of London and I haven’t been back since. I think of her at times.

  80. lorraine harper says:

    I have been to london on quite a few occassions, used to go christmas with my sister in law, have taken the kids when they were smaller(on their first visit it was the weekend of Princess Dianas death) and the last time we took them was in Oct. last year for my sons 21st bday and that was the weekend of Stephen Gatelys death. Have been quite a few times to shows and also stayed a long weekend when our son was fortunate enough to be picked for the National Youth Theatre. It would however be lovely just to go with my lovely husband of 28yrs and get away from the awful floods and broken bridges here in Cumbria.

  81. June Canfield says:

    Every year for the last 32 my husband has taken me to London to have a day with my mother for Christmas, which is total boredom for him, if that’s not love I don’t know what is!

  82. Dauphine Scott says:

    My boyfriend took me to a wonderful fish restaurant in the West End, where the waiters sang me a song and gave me roses. After our perfect meal with champagne he took me to flat. A valentine card on the front door, rose petals from the hall through to the bedroom and all over the bed. There were scented candles, soft music and two more valentine cards. I had an absolutely wonderful massage, some lovely chocolates and ended with a romantic night. Cannot express the overawed feeling of that night and will never forget it ♥

  83. merea chinn says:

    About 4 years ago carl and I went to London. We did everything tourists do – looking at the squirls in hyde park – beer at covent garden – shopping at bond street – piccadily circus – looking at antiques and more beer on portobello road – lunch in SOHO and getting lost on the metro. When we crossed london bridge and I sat on the big lion next to it and he took a picture of me he said to me do you want to be my wife and presented me with an engagement ring. I knew it then and before that to be honest as well I was in love. Four years later we’re still in love and have a little baby boy called Brayden he’s 4 months old now. I would love to go back to this exact same place ok then with the pram and walk down memory lane.

  84. Charla Olson says:

    Me and my boyfriend, Ollie, met 2 years ago. Our story actually begins with us living in two seperate countries…him a british man and me a young american girl. The story actually begins with us playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. We met through a group I decided to join, called the waga clan (the starter of the group is a chef at wagamamas, hence the name). I had played with the group for awhile and was becoming friends with all these members, via internet?!! Then Ollies friend mentioned I seemed like a “bird” that would get along well with him! I laughed at the idea and thought how crazy is this guy. I am not going to go just date a random guy on the other side of the world!
    The next day this man was in my waga group…I was like who is this. Everyone says this Ollie, and Ollie here is the newest member of the group Charla. I started talking, alot, to him and giving him crap (like I usually did to all the members) because my kill to death ratio exceeded all the others.
    After that I really dont remember too much to be honest. We started sending emails and pictures of each other, that turned into phone calls (with massive bills), and then in August 2008 I decided I was going to meet this Ollie man. It was one of the craziest things I had ever done to be honest! I know I would never ever have the guts to do something like that again…but I guess you could say I just followed my heart!
    Well we started seeing lots of each other, and that included flying back in forth from country to country. After a year and a half I decided to take the plunge and move to England so we could be together!It was a hard move I had to sell new car, my belongings, my beloved clothes and shoes. I also left a lot of friends and family back at home! But I am in love with this man soo much!!
    So now I am following anonther dream I had which is to study abroad. Its my first year at the University and it is much different then home! But I am loving it. It has been hard to go out much because I am in school full time, and can only work part time. He works full time as a chef..but as long as we have been together thats all that has really mattered!
    I would love to take this trip into London…because the last time I was there to go site seeing we had gotten VERY lost! After making a huge circle around the city for 3 hours, we found ouselves back where we started! We then grabbed a taxi driver who said that we were almost back to our hotel. Lets just say I got such bad blisters on my feet that I couldnt barely walk out of the hotel the next day! But what I did get to see I loved.
    I dont have much planned for valentines day and I would love to shock Ollie with a special trip into London!

  85. Sandie Jordan says:

    When I first met my now husband, he had never been to London. So I decided to take him to London to spend the day ‘running around to see the sights’. Which is exactly what we did. After arriving by train, we ran round Hyde Park; we caught a boat up the Thames; ran round Tower Bridge and the Tower of London; ran past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and then ran to catch our train home! We were both exhausted but had so much fun. It was the first of many ‘runs’ to London from our home in Kent and it would be wonderful to leisurely and romantically stroll around during a weekend break as we are still very ‘loved up’ after 20 years!

  86. Elena T. says:

    I have never been to London, but I would like to visit it… Maybe with winning this wonderful prize :)

  87. catherine says:

    me and my current partner have been together for a year and a half now and one thing iv always wanted is for us to go on a romantic break in london, but unfortunantly we havnt been able to afford to go anywhere let alone london. we’v been having a few problems lately maybe a romantic break to london is what we need, i already now not to expect anyting for valintines day as we have a very low income .. so winning this fantastic prize would be the best thing that has happend to us in a while :) x

  88. Sharon H says:

    We were friends in Birmingham , and went on a group weekend to London. We found we both loved indian food , visiting galleries , real ale and a night at Ronnie Scotts . Walking along the Thames at 2 o clock in the morning we both knew we had finally met our soul mate.

  89. marianne says:

    just emailing to wish everyone good luch hazel,your story is amazing

  90. london is the city of multi culture and dreams and this is where it all comes together.

  91. Anne Whyte says:

    myself and my husband so could do with a break,,, got 5 great kids between us, but as you can imagine, money a little tight, and most goes on them! Never been to London and would absolutely love to have the opportunity to experience sightseeing there with my hubby. His birthday is soon and this would be a one off fantastic present for him. x

  92. DEBBIE BISHOP says:

    Driving around looking at all the sights in the cold of wintre then stopping and having a cup af tea from a flask and some sandwiches and cakes from the picnic hamper.

  93. Hayley says:

    I met my now husband nearly ten years ago our first real break was in london he meet me at waterloo station on a friday night and took me to leister square where we had a chinese meal and he bought me a single red rose we were still so young so i was completely whisked off my feet! He took me sight seeing through the city and i loved people watching it was a far cry for me as im a country girl! I had the most fantastic weekend and was very sad to leave him as he was living and working not far from the city, ten years on we are married with two girls and have visited London a few times always trying to catch a show and visit a museaum, we would love the chance to re-visit the city and catch that old spark back!

  94. Joy Gordon says:

    A beautiful stranger on the opposite escalator, we saw each other,he followed me back up, two weeks and many unforgettable moments later it was back to reality with my soul mate returning to his homeland. London was just London again.

  95. My wife and I spent our 2nd honeymoon in London and we really had a great time. My wife is still convinced the hotel where we stayed in Kensington was haunted.Subsequent enquiries proved that this could have been the case!

  96. billy macd says:

    Most weeks we argue quite a bit but when we go away together on short breaks or 1 weeks holiday we get on great together,been to London twice for theatre show and loved it. would love to do it again

  97. steve says:

    my girlfriend had a ladies op that went wrong – intensive care – I thought she was going to die !
    I tried to arrage a bedside wedding – no go
    When she eventually was allowed home – as I went to bed i gave her a piece of paper – it was the words of service – I SAID YOU BETTER READ THIS !!
    We went to the registry office – she still had stitches in her stomach – we met our best man & wife & the 4 of us did the deed – without telling anyone !
    I made amends & had our vows blest in a corrugated roofed church in Mah’e – she did’nt know ’bout that either
    Been together 26 years – still the best thing I have ever done

  98. Colin says:

    My wife and I were married 45 years ago (23 Jan 1965)in Portsmouth Registry Office. We could not afford a proper honeymoon so we had a weekend in London. It was simply magic and, in the evening, we saw Harry Secombe in “Pickwick” singing the song that later became his signature tune – “If I ruled the World”. That weekend, however, we felt as though we ruled the world!

  99. DAVID RYTON says:

    It would be a lovely suprise to take my wife on a weekend break to London,as she has lived in the UK for only 10 years and has never been to the city,so it would be very romantic for the both of us.

  100. peter johnston says:

    Iwould love to go back to london ,when i was a young boy my aunt used to own a small shop in london and it was famous for being through the square window in play school (now theres a blast from the past,bet my age is showing now)to be able to go back and take my wife would be just the best, and her dad was evacuated from london to devon during the war and she has always wanted to go there just to see where he was evacuated from, so there is 2 needs to be forfilled there.

  101. hannah says:

    I met my boyfriend of five years in my house share! We liveed together for five months and eventially started going out, and five years on we still living together in our won flat now though! only thing was we never got the big event of moving in lol! x

  102. Carolyne Smith says:

    As London is one of our favourite destinations this prize would be great! Although just being anywhere together is just fine by me!

  103. lenamorrison says:

    its a shoppers delight that reaches great heights.

  104. Caroline McLeay says:

    I do not have a story to tell, but please enter me for prize draw. Cheers

  105. elizabeth burgin says:

    it would be just fantastic to get away on our own, as much as we love our children it would be nice to have a break.if it was abroad it would be sun, sea and??????? BUT AS ITS LONDON IT WILL BE RELAX, RELAX AND DINE WITH SOME WINE AND HAVE A GREAT TIME XXXX

  106. SARAH LUCIE says:

    I have been with my boyfriend for 10 years. We met when he took my cinema ticket. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him working at the cinema and I wrote my number on the back of the ticket. When I entered to see the film I handed him the ticket, told him to read the back and ran off. After keeping me waiting for 3 days he finally called and here we are 1 daughter, 3 cats and a hamster later :o). Just saving to get married now after he propsed boxing day via a cracker.

  107. Ash says:

    I met my boyfriend 15 yrs ago; he was 15 I was 19yrs old; he told me he was 17 and we got together when I realised he was 15 he got the heave ho; I was getting loads of stick off my friends; but 15yrs later we found each other on facebook; emailed every day as we lived in England and Ireland respectively and by fate we were both on trips to New york same time; he had a christening and I was out there for a weekend; we met for coffee and were inseperable; now he has moved accross the pond and we are happily ever after; I love him.. ;-)

  108. Jean Wilson says:

    Hi, my husband and I celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary on April 2nd. We met when we were 17 and 16 years old and often went up to London to see shows including Stop the world I want to get off starring Antony Newley. People said when we got married at 19 and 18 years that it wouldn’t last but my husband says we stayed together just to prove them wrong. 50 years later with 4 chilren and 8 grand children we must be doing something right. xx

  109. Denise Blythe says:

    I love my husband Trev very much, I would go to the end,s of the earth for him, so much I made our family eat hundreds of KitKats so that I could collect the points in a Kitkat promotion in a bid for a walk on part in the west end musical ‘We Will Rock You’. He spent his 40th birthday in a money cant buy way, with the cast on stage at the Dominion Theatre. His Idol Brian May from Queen came to chat to him backstage. I will never be able to equal this fantastic present I gave him, but its fun trying!

  110. Robyn says:

    I met my american boyfriend in thailand 3 years ago when we were both travelling. I knew it was love after 3 weeks and 2 years ago he moved over to the uk and we’ve lived together ever since

  111. Karen Naylor says:

    My husband and I have been married for 17 years this time but life has thrown us a few curve balls as of late. My husband was there for me through my successful fight with breast cancer and as a thank you I would love to take him on this prize as a replacement for our 15th wedding anniversary which we were unable to celebrate due to a close family bereavement.

  112. Zoe Wilson says:

    My husband & I went to London for our honeymoon in 1996. Unfortunately,we have not been back since. We had a great time exploring all the sights,and,visited the Dominion Theatre to watch ‘Grease’. We then had a slap up Chinese Meal in the middle of Leicester square….those were the days…..I would love to suprise my husband, to go back and re visit, after all these years. This year is also our 20 year Anniversary of getting together, times are now hard, but we still have each other….happy days….as happy today as we were back then!

  113. Barbara Hunter says:

    I would love to surprise my partner and take him to london for the weekend as he is in the R A F and it would be nice to spend time together as he is away sometimes. We both love going to London, but it’s not always possible to go together ,thank you Barbara.

  114. Claire Rowland says:

    After a couple of very hard years involving me having to deal with my fathers heart attack, my parents getting divorced, my mother being diagnosed with an in-operable brain tumour and me having serious problems at work with a bullying boss 2 months after my Mum’s diagnosis (and the start of her treatment), my boyfriend of 5 years surprised me with a trip to London. The night before, he told me he had booked a Hotel, so we made a weekend of it.
    We went to London and he surprised me by booking a room at the St Martin’s Lane Hotel. We went to see Wicked and had a lovely meal and cocktails out. The next morning, after breakfast we decided to go for a walk to Trafalgar Square as it was beautifully sunny. We climbed up onto Nelson’s Column and it was here that he got down on one knee and produced a beautiful diamond ring! I instantly said yes! He had asked my Dad for permission the day before as well!
    We are getting married this year and I’d love to take him back there as a thank you for making me so happy and being my Knight in Shining Armour before we tie the knot!

  115. Una says:

    I met my hubby of 25 years whilst camping at a canoe slalom on the Thames at Shepperton weir, I was 16 and he was 18. A year later at the same slalom he proposed and we popped into town and got a pre-engagement ring, i.e. temporary till I chose what I wanted and he could afford it. We’ve done lots of other sports since, and our 2 children and I have tried to keep up with him. We are still very much in love and would enjoy a little more luxury than a tent on a return romantic trip.

  116. Faith Davison says:

    My Husband and I hope to celebrate being married 40 years in august, a prize like this would be great, and a big surprise for my husband.

  117. Andy Grimes says:

    My love is my wife Noreen of 31 years who has been going through an ordeal of cancer related illness’s which has made us grow closer together.
    We have had the full range of emotions explode into our lives during our time together which have left no scars to be seen.
    Just to think we had the basic Wedding which started with a few friends and family at the local Registry Office followed by some ham sandwiches and have continued to scrape by ever since with total happiness between us.
    To win this competition would help me to suceed in showing Noreen that she is and always has been the only one for me.

  118. richard morris says:

    I was going to write a soppy love story about my wife but after reading Karen Naylor’s story I would like you to let her and her husband have a bit of happiness,they deserve a break,I don’t know this couple and wish them all the best x

  119. yvonne parsons says:


  120. Susan says:

    David and I took all my family to London to see the sights and everything touristy. We had our own room in the Hilton Docklands and it was the best room of all it had a balcony and you could see the Gherkin. It was a very memorable weekend. I so do Love London

  121. Natalie Robinson says:

    My boyfriend and I met at university through a mutual friend but we were friends for a long time before we got together. One night I’d gone out with work mates and since I really fancied him I text him to invite him to the club we ended up at. In some awful twist of fate, I had my drink spiked, lost my bag (and my mind) and was found by James outside the club spewing my guts up. Hardly the way to pull the person you fancy most in the world eh?

    James drove me home, settled me in with all the paraphernalia you need when you’re sick and waited with me till I fell asleep. He then went back to the club (after leaving me a note with phone numbers and explaining the situation) and begged the bouncers to find my bag.

    He returned the next day to check up on me and brought me some of my fav biscuits to cheer me up so I could eat them when I was well. The rest is history (we got together a week after our initial extreme bonding experience) – I could never find anyone more thoughtful or caring and someone so reliable in my hour of need.

  122. peri green says:

    I bumped into my girlfriend Adele by chance at the 1st Suffolk Pride Day in Ipswich. We have known each other for nearly 20years,but sadly lost touch for about 16 of them.We always had a special bond between us,but we didnt admit how much to each other because our timing was always wrong.
    Neither of us intended to go that day either,as we both had been thru the mill in that year.I saw the back of her and did a double take before shouting her name and we both were really happy to see each other.We still didnt admit our feelings to each other til months later.Fate it was,i beleive and definately worth waiting for.September 13th 2009 a date thats really special for both of us and thank you Suffolk Pride for bringing us back together.

  123. Katherine says:

    Just the other day, I said to my boyfriend, “I miss London and I miss you … I miss being in London with you!”

    We met two years ago in a houseshare in London. I still remember the day I moved in and he shook my hand as he let me into the house. We quickly became best friends and were inseparable. Unfortunately, work has taken me temporarily away from London but I will be back in the UK in a month!

    We have only been separated for just over 2 weeks but as we do everything together, being apart has been challenging. Over the holidays, everywhere I went in London brought back a memory of some sort of us being happy in London. The city really is special, especially when I can share it with my favorite person!

    A weekend in London would be the perfect gift as we get reunited :) After all, we still live in a houseshare and rarely have any time or space solely to ourselves.


  124. Jennifer Heaton says:

    The last time we visited London was with the kids, it would be so nice to go now as a couple for a romantic weekend, we’ve been married for over 30 years.

  125. Theresa kendall says:

    My husband and I had been married for 21yrs and last year was his 50th birthday,so I decided to surprise him with a weekend in London and a westend show,although we had been married for 21yrs we had never had a break without the kids.It was great,we went to see Hairspray at the shaftsbury theatre,which Micheal Ball was brilliant in,and just leasurely strolled around London,It was the most romantic time together we have ever spent,so any chance to do it all again,would be the best thing we could wish for

  126. Val says:

    50 years ago I was courting my husband to be and he tried to impress me with a trip to LOndon. I had never been outside Watford. He took me to see a show at the Victoria Palace and after at a restaurant close by for a meal. Because I had not been treated like this before as soon as I walked into the reception of the restaurant, a waiter came and asked for my coat. I was terrified. I just wanted to get out quickly but I nervously let him take my coat, and we enjoyed a lovely meal. We have now been married for 48 years this year and both registered disabled ( my husband had an accident 5 years ago so cannot do much now, sowe don’t get out much however we do laugh a lot, and realise there are others worse off than ourselves.

  127. Lisa Curley says:

    My boyfriend and I met really unexpectedly just when I had given up on finding a partner after five years being single. I tried to keep chilled and not bothered about the fact that he was applying for a working visa to go to Australia and live for a year, so I just said let’s live for the now and have a good time. After 3 months of seeing each other, we went to London for the weekend. We wandered round Bloomsbury and had a wonderful Italian lunch in a little restaurant, we went to see One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest with Christian Slater, it was amazing at the Sir Guildgood Theatre, that night. The nest day we roamed around Covent Garden and ended up at Vinopolis in the afternoon having a wine tasting lesson. We had such a lovely time and I remember thinking to myself, why, oh why does he have to go away, now that Ive found him, but vowed to keep my thoughts to myself, so I made a silent wish. Five and half years later we have a house together and I love him as much now as I did then and although we have been through a lot together, including him having an horrific car accident and us both being made redundant….I often wonder if my wish in London if my wish I made in London kept him close to me? x

  128. Kath Amis says:

    I met my husband on a London bus and we’ve been married for 38 years!

  129. anne smith says:

    I went to a rock music night in a london niteclub.My favourite rock song came on and i ran to the dance floor.I got carried away shaking my head and body.To my horror my long black wig had gone flying off my head and landed on the man behind me.He handed me my wig and that broke the ice.We both couldn’t stop laughing.He brought me a drink,we dated and then got married.He didn’t have to worry about me making a holy show of him at the wedding as i got rid of my wig from my gothic days and i am now blonde and i am happy with my own hair.Despite that hair raising moment we fell in love in london.

  130. Rose Horwell says:

    Well hubby and me had a fantastic time in London.. I had not been since being a young child .. we went for a lovely meal.. had a romantic boat trip down the Thames .. went on the London Eye .. theres something really romantic about a city on a warm bright day.. We visited the Sea Life place as we both love to see what goes on beneath the sea! … Another time we stayed in Canary Wharf as we had to see how the rich work and party! ..
    We have now visited numerous times whether it be to sit in Leicester Square with the street entertainers near by or wandering around China Town .. it felt like we visited several cities in one! London we love you! I think we are hooked..

  131. Chris says:

    Angus and I met nearly a year ago on a plane to Riga. He was on his way with friends on a stag do and I was on my way with friends on a hen do. His party was sitting behind our party on the plane and the flight was unfortunately delayed on the runway for an hour. Everyone was chatting to everybody else. I was in my little world reading the paper when one of the girls in my party asked what I was reading about. I replied that the Guardian was speculating that Man United and Barcelona will be in the Champions League final. Angus overheard this and asked who I thought would be in the final. I said I hope Arsenal would as they were my team. It so happened that it was his team too! We exchanged numbers and texted a lot during the weekend but he was keen for us to meet up when we got back to London. Sadly I was on my way off skiing the week after we got back but had a free evening just before we set off. We met for dinner at Quaglino’s and it was the start of our relationship! It’s still really brilliant and we’re about to celebrate our one year anniversary in March. It would be great if I can surprise him by winning the competition by taking him back to Quaglino’s for a rerun of our first date.

  132. Mo Watt says:

    My london love story
    I was visiting London about 2 years ago and decided to take a tourist walk around the Brick Lane early one evening.
    Everything was fine until this girl, asked me for the time. The next thing she pushed me to into a wall and demanded my phone and wallet. Then she told me to walk to the ATM machine or she’d stab me.

    Anyway the girl is holding my arm tight, when this kid stumbles off this bike and she let go of my arm for a second.

    Flight or fight instinct kicked in, and I ran like the wind – thankfully toward a busy pub that I’d been in before.
    Thank god for putting my oyster card in my back jean pocket with an emergency £10, so I got myself a drink.

    Suddenly the shock kicked in and I realised I was physically shaking. This guy at the bar next to me, asked if I was okay.
    I told him the story, I start crying and he insisted to help me out.
    This is how I met Jamie.

    He asked if I knew where any of my friends worked, and then he called 118 and called my mate at her work.
    He bought me lots of drinks, his friends told me their funny stories of being mugged in London too.
    He and basically looked after me until my mate arrived. When I was going he said he would feel bad about asking for my number, seeing as I didn’t have a phone anymore, he gave me his number and two years later we are still together. But I’m not allowed to wander about the East end alone anymore.

  133. harry says:

    peter johnston and hazel’s story are fab good luck and have a nice time who ever wins.

  134. Debbie Beynon says:

    i met my partner at an REM gig at wembley- the green album tour in 1989!! when i was 19 (I’m now 40- shush don’t tell everyone!). i lost my friends but found my true love in the crowd! He was the first guy to offer me love rather than romance! we’ve never looked back! we still go to gigs together- its our tradition- perhaps we can catch someone cool in Paris if we win!

  135. kat pope says:

    i’ve been single for 11 years so this is a tough one and we’re going back a bit. i used to be into rockabilly music (shows you have far back we are going back!) and used to go to a club night called ‘stompin’ at the club foot’. i was moshing (ah ha, another throwback!) and simply grabbed a bloke to dance with. the moshing was a bit frenetic and it was only when the song stopped and i got a good look at him that i was hit…bang…love at first sight. never had it before, or since. colin was his name. ended up living with him for a year. trouble is, he turned out to be very beautiful but thick as pig shite. oh dear. so it wasn’t really a happy ending. but it does sum up an era of london for me (formally known as ‘the rockabilly era’…very well known!)

  136. Caroline says:

    I’m from up north so no London love story – me and my fella have been together for 9 years, and if we win this competition maybe we will be able to make a new story for the future!