The Annual Animal Count at London Zoo

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Today the keepers at ZSL London Zoo had the huge job of counting every single animal as part of the zoo’s annual stocktake.

With more than 750 different species – including gorillas, tigers, giant tortoises, meerkats, penguins and spiders – the keepers had their work cut out as they braved the wintery weather with clipboards.

Last year’s count revealed a total of 14,567 animals, including:

  • 259 mammals
  • 5,570 fish
  • 680 birds
  • 7,510 bugs
  • 341 amphibians
  • 207 reptiles

There are even more heads to count this year: the zoo has welcomed lots of new inhabitants, including lion cubs, a baby mangabey, a komodo dragon, a pair of aardvarks, a pack of coatis and some porcupines.


  1. Claire says:

    How lovely. Can members of the public attend the annual head-count?

  2. Hannah says:

    The zoo is open to the public as normal during the annual stocktake. There’s no special display for visitors, but you might spot the keepers out and about with their clipboards!