Red Bull Music Academy: Withdrawal Symptoms as It Leaves London

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After a fantastic five weeks in London, the Red Bull Music Academy moved on last week. The Academy gave 60 lucky students a unique opportunity to jam, meet fellow musicians, play around with instruments and enjoy a creative environment in which to develop. The Red Bull Music Academy also brought a programme of exciting gigs to London.

Folu Babatola worked on the PR for the Red Bull Academy and after a very hectic few weeks, he’s taken time to reflect on the Academy’s time in London:

“If you haven’t been living under a rock (or you simply attempt to avoid any kind of media on your commute) you’ll probably have seen something about the Red Bull Music Academy, which has been in London for the last five weeks. There’s been a daily music paper, a three-hour radio show on NME Radio every night and a three-part series on Channel 4.

Then there were the gigs and club nights, 27 over 30 nights, ranging from the first ever cross-genre sound clash at The Roundhouse, to a demonstration of 3D clubbing at the Royal Albert Hall, to seeing 12 seminal producers perform their favourite tracks for a packed Scala.
Having managed to fit so much into a short time we’re now slowly acclimatising to the real world.  I’m being reminded that not everyone stays up til 5am at Plastic People yet is at work by 8 the next day!
But that’s what the Academy does to you; it removes every preconceived idea of how you should enjoy music. There are no barriers to consumption, creation or analysis of music. You just do it and enjoy the ride.

London has been lucky to host the Academy, and the Academy was lucky to be here. Nowhere else in the world could you find such an amazing melting pot of musical genres; no other city could impress and excite musicians in quite the same way as our town.”

Watch the Red Bull Music Academy video below, as former student Mr Hudson gives his view on what makes it so special: