Visit London Asks: What’s Your Favourite Bookshop in London?

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It’s World Book Day on Thursday, so our thoughts are turning to books and reading this week.

London’s got a fantastic offering of bookshops, from shiny big chain stores like Waterstone’s and Blackwell’s to quirky little independent shops , like My Back Pages and The Riverside Bookshop as well as specialist bookshops (Notting Hill’s Travel Bookshop, for example) catering for pretty much every taste, and eco-friendly second-hand bookshops such as the Oxfam Bookshops.

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We want to know which is your favourite bookshop in London? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Lilac says:

    I like the London Review Bookshop. I went to a Nicholson Baker reading there about 6 months ago and it was really cool

  2. Tommo says:

    I’m a big fan of the Muswell Hill Bookshop. Lovely place.

  3. Merlin Falafal says:

    I miss Borders, especially for the magazines. Does anywhere else in London stock such a great selection of magazines?

    Don’t forget about London’s libraries – all that free reading for the commute!

  4. Jurgen says:

    Clearly Diagon Alley off Charing Cross Road!

  5. Carinya says:

    It’s hard to beat Foyles on Charing Cross Road – for its range, size and jazz cafe. One of my favourite visits was one Christmas when they handed out free mulled wine and mincepies – great sales technique, I ended up buying about five books!