Your Views: Hair The Musical at the Gielgud Theatre

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The Broadway production of Hair The Musical opened at the Gielgud Theatre last night: the first time a Broadway show has transferred the same cast to the West End.

I was lucky enough to catch a preview of this exuberant show. I’ve never seen Hair before, despite hearing a lot about it from my parents who saw it “back in the day.”

It’s certainly a really interesting musical: while there’s no real narrative arc to speak of, making it difficult to care for any of the characters, there are some amazing songs, and the costumes, set and performances are really impressive (particularly the gorgeous Gavin Creel as Claude and Will Swenson as Berger).

We asked some other members of the audience if they thought the Age of Aquarius had arrived:

Juliette, Hatch End
I wasn’t sure what to expect and had heard alot about the original play in the 60s.  I was surprised at the level of audience interaction with the cast and at first found this a little daunting (probably more so if you were in the front few rows of the stalls). The second half was certainly stronger with the first half laying the foundations. Voices were great and definitely some strong characters. It was great to see so many on the stage at the end of the show.

Ricci Riccardi, Herne Hill, 29
The band were amazing – it was so good to see top session musicians playing in a West End show. The band made the show for me.

Jess Rees, Herne Hill, 29
Hair is a really fun show. The performers had bags of energy. It’s quite off-the-wall and the hallucination scene in the second act is really well done. There are some very random moments and it is definitely a product of the 60s, but it worth watching just to see the audience joining in at the end.

Lilac, Sydney, 32
I wasn’t expecting to like Hair, but I did. I didn’t think it would be innovative and memorable after all these years, but it was. I was intrigued by the format, impressed by the pace and made joyful by the obvious fun the cast (and audience) were having.

Flora, Reading, 27
I loved the music and the singing was outstanding, it sounded so good. What talent! Gavin Creel was outstandingly brilliant as Claude. I wasn’t sure about the character Berger though, he seemed like he was in the wrong theatre. Over all, really enjoyable and very beautiful.

Amy, Clapham, 33
Uproarious, glorious and groovy, baby! I wasn’t sure what to expect from Hair, but really got into the characters and the music. And I couldn’t believe it when the audience “gatecrashed” the stage to join the cast in their feelgood finale. Hair-larious!

Madelene, Finsbury Park, 37
If you immerse yourself in the fabulous music and forgive the lack of story then you will enjoy this new version of Hair. The energy from the Broadway cast lifts you up and takes you on a dreamy journey back to the 60s.

Have you seen Hair? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Hair runs at the Gielgud Theatre until 8 January 2011. Book your tickets here


  1. Londonette says:

    I was interested to see how “Let the sun shine in” was actually quite a melancholy tune, in context.