John Furnival: Somewhere Between Poetry and Painting at England & Co Gallery

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The artist John Furnival will appeal to many: his works are intelligent, witty and aesthetically very satisfying.

England & Co Gallery on Westbourne Grove is a wonderful space to display art. The high white walls provide an ideal background for the great variety of work they show, contemporary and modern, paintings, constructions, installations and performance art. John Furnival’s work looks beautiful on the walls, even more stylish than the dresses for sale in the trendy clothes shops that surround the gallery.

This exhibition has a strong 60s pop vibe. You could imagine seeing one of Furnival’s prints as an album cover. Indeed Peter Blake (who did the Beatles’ psychedelic Sergeant Pepper’s album cover) is a contemporary of  Furnival, and similarities can definitely be seen between both artists’ prints.

Many of the works on display are text related, and use repetition obsessively. A favourite of mine is ‘Never Mind – Doesn’t Matter’, a letterpress print, where the green and black compacted words produce a striking design – with a statement we should all be reminded of once in a while!

England & Co display John Furnival until 5 June. Entry is free.

But don’t fear if you miss out on this exhibition there is sure to be another eclectic mixed show on, so pop in for your art fix.


  1. Alex Plim says:

    Great stuff Mills! Very well written. xxx

  2. Lucy Oldershaw says:

    This sounds great, I will be sure to check it out! Thanks fro the heads up! x