Murder Killed The Radio Star murder mystery day in London

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On a recent sunny Saturday, I put on my best Sherlock Holmes hat and joined five friends to solve a murder mystery presented to me as”Murder Killed the Radio Star”  courtesy of A Door in a Wall.

The day started at the Vibe Bar in Brick Lane where about 100 people convened to get their briefing, including a list of possible suspects and clues to locations all across London.

This is where the fun started: having pinpointed certain areas to find clues about our suspects, we headed to the city. We covered great mileage including The Barbican, The British Library, The British Museum and Soho to name but a few.

The clues were hidden by ingenious methods of using shops or museums to display pieces of information. We also met with several actors throughout the day who offered gossip for some insights.

After about five hours of running around, with the occasional hop on a bus or tube to save our ailing feet, we returned to Brick Lane to write down our findings and to name our culprit.

We didn’t win, despite identifying the correct suspect, but to be honest after such a great day I don’t think people cared if they had won.

I can’t recommend this enough as this was one of the best days I have spent in London and the bonus was I have  discovered some hidden gems in the city. The company (A Door in a Wall) that organises the event set it up originally for friends but when they realised what fun they all had, they opened it up to anyone.

It takes about three months of preparation to make each day happen, which didn’t surprise me as the level of detail was amazing.  I won’t tell you how much as that might spoil the next event.

I will hopefully be solving the next murder sometime soon. Perhaps I will be Miss Marple next time and perhaps I will see you there. Find out more at


  1. Claire Doble says:

    This sounds excellent! I’ll have to look out for the next one

  2. Carinya says:

    What a great idea for an alternative day out, and then you’re in the perfect spot for a night out afterwards!