Lady Gaga: Monster Fun at The O2

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The Lady Gaga crowd at The O2 last week was like a herd of puppets from Avenue Q before a high-octane speedboat race down the Thames.

From the first glimpse of the high-hatted, high-shouldered, high-heeled silhouette and for the full two- hour gig audience members  were elevated to the status of angelic monsters.

There’s a real skill in a performer that can connect not only herself with the audience but the audience with itself. Monster hits Just Dance, Poker Face, Lovegame, Telephone and Paparazzi had the full house of 23,000 people on their feet, hands in the air and screaming like beautiful banshees.

There was so much going on – brilliant lighting effects, quirky characters, hilarious quips, flirtations, ridiculous costumes… hang-on, let’s just pause there: Lady Gaga wore a red rubber cape nearly double the size of her body; a bra and knickers set that shot fireworks; a massive white fairy costume with moving wings. She wielded oversized props including a sceptre that turned into a torch for spying on the audience and climbed scaffolding after fixing a car engine in a silver bodysuit. This was pop-art brought to the stage.

In one of the few quieter moments she made her affection for us known. Seated at a piano engulfed in flames she gushed: “no other popstar will love you as much as I love you. I just… I just… I just wanna eat you (she pauses for giggles) do you want me to eat you?”. “YES!! EAT US!! AAHHH”, we screamed (not an exact audience quote but you get the gist).

The vocals throughout were crystal clear. The O2 has such superb sound capabilities that it’s really no surprise at all this is now the world’s most popular music venue. It’s as if you were wearing earphones. If you haven’t already experienced a concert at The O2 you seriously should. Staff were friendly, service was fast, the place was clean, tidy, easy to enter and exit and most importantly the focus was 100% on the music.

Lady Gaga is playing London again at The O2 on 16 and 17 December.

Don’t miss it.


  1. Lilac says:

    Ra Ra Ga GA GA! I don’t wanna be friends…