Joanna Lumley and Boris Johnson Launch Furniture Recycling Scheme

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Actress Joanna Lumley joined the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, this morning to launch a new “repair and reuse” scheme for London. The pair posed in front of a sculpture made from old cupboards and chairs.

The London Reuse Network has been set up to address the 65,000 tonnes of household products thrown out by Londoners each year. The charity will collect, refurbish and sell on everything from furniture, books and carpets to bikes, cookers and fridges.

“There’s no shame in recycling things,” said Lumley, who last year donated her sofa to the Big Womble charity auction. “It’s the most sensible and most rewarding thing you can do.”


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  2. I do like the idea of this but wonder if, like many Charity organisations, it’ll hit targets. However, given the backing, it’ll probably get it’s materials at source- ie straight from the bin men and MRF’s (DCF’s). Lumley is right though: There is no shame in recycling things (or re-using them!). I’m typing this on a recycled computer, have a recycled TV, some recycled furniture and occasionally buy recycled clothes! What’s so different between this repair and reuse scheme and buying from an antiques shop…. just the price I guess!

  3. King Designer Furniture says:

    So cool! It’s staggering the amount of furniture people simply throw-out every year. Awareness really needs to be raised to get people to reuse or recycle old items of furniture.

  4. Newcastle Upon Tyne Recycling:

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    Established 2008

    Great to see the stars are finally bringing this to a bigger picture, still far too much waste is going to landfills.

    Changing the mind set of people is a big step and making them realise a revamp can often cost far less and last longer then buying brand new.

    Is there other areas that support recycling? We established in 2008 with not a grant in sight.. At the time the main Refuse companies in the area had grants available; but NOT for anything that involved recycling. Figure that out!!.

    Why not look into bringing out grants for small companies to ease the burdon, we are getting there but grants in rural areas would really spure some Small enterprises on to make a go of it.

    Where will this £8 million go?? cant see it going further than London sadly, Joanna maybe you need to take a trip up North..

    Make refuse companies store unwanted furniture for 1 week before they crush it all. give people the chance to see it before it ends up in a landfill.

    Newcastle Recycled & Refunked Furniture