London 2012 Olympic Park in £438 Million Land Transfer

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The London 2012 Olympic Park will be in safe hands after the Games as the Government signed the land over to the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) yesterday.

The coalition Government also agreed to clear any debt related to the Olympic Park in an overall £438 million deal.

This confirmation will allow the search for tenants of the Olympic Park, its stadia and amenities to commence in earnest.

Margaret Ford, chair of OPLC said: “The Board of the Olympic Park Legacy Company is delighted with the announcement by the Government regarding the resolution of the land and debt issue.”

She added: “This affirms their strong commitment to legacy and allows us to carry on building the momentum we have been driving over the past year.”

West Ham United Football Club is reportedly interested in taking over the Olympic Stadium after the Games as it seeks to increase its capacity from the current 35,647-seater Upton Park base.

What would you like the Olympic Park to be used for after the London 2012 Olympic Games?