London Cycle Hire Scheme Membership Now Open

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Londoners can now register as members for the Mayor’s flagship Barclays Cycle Hire scheme. The bikes will be available to members from next Friday, 30 July.

The Barclays Cycle Hire bikes are located at docking stations throughout London. The first 30 minutes of your ride is free but you’ll need to be a paid-up member to access the bikes in the first place.

A membership key costs £3 with membership costs at £1 for a 24 hour membership, £5 for seven days and £45 for an annual membership.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said:

“I call on Londoners to sign up and become pioneer members of this fantastic new addition to our transport system. I know that in time our scheme will become a new London icon and enable many more people to cycle in our magnificent city. I look forward to seeing cycle hire and superhighways working in tandem to make London a cyclised city.”

Sign up for a daily, weekly or annual membership today at


  1. This will be perfect for me- will be able to cycle along the Thames Path- Grant

  2. Martin says:

    Very civilised way to travel, I’ve joined!

  3. El Zippo says:

    Great! Thanks — registering right now. Can’t wait ’til it’s all up and running.

  4. If you’re visiting London from abroad, have an iPhone/iPod touch and want to use the Cycle Hire scheme, take a look at the app we’re building:

    It’s great for visitors because it can help you find bikes near London attractions & tube stations, and will also work without an internet connection (with Data Roaming switched off).

  5. John says:

    Hmm this is interesting, but it depends where the docking stations are located. It has to be popular enough to have lots of docking stations around, but not so popular that you can’t find a spare bike. Difficult balance.

  6. Michael says:

    If you have an iphone blueLanesFree is a great free app for the london bike hire scheme.