Super-Chilled Jack Johnson a Hit at London’s O2 Arena

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Hot on the heels of his performance at Glastonbury, American singer-songwriter Jack Johnson put on a super-chilled performance at London’s O2 Arena last night.

The man who is so laid back he is almost horizontal played a set featuring well-known hits from five of his albums, including his latest release To the Sea.

Even a few early misplaced chords and forgotten lyrics failed to take anything away from a fantastic performance.

There were also surprises in store as the bassist Merlo added a rap solo to Sitting, Wating, Wishing, and Johnson’s friend Ben Stiller made an appearance jamming with the former pro surfer.

Hit songs Flake, Taylor and Good People had the crowd singing along and Johnson ended the set with the mellow Do You Remember and Constellations.

There was a sense of calm around the O2 Arena as the crowd left. Maybe doctors should start prescribing Johnson’s music to combat stress – on last night’s performance it would certainly work.


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