Video of the Week: Beginners Guide to the London Underground

We’ve got another great video from Steven Gardner and presenter Will Gowing this week, with some lovely tips for beginners trying to navigate the Tube.

It’s also a nice reminder for the rest of us Londoners (who are so used to using the underground that it’s a pretty incredible system.


  1. Emily says:

    That’s brilliant – why has no one done this before?

  2. Edgepath says:

    Underground trains have the destination station signed on the front, and the arrival boards will also list this station. If the tube line splits, or if this station is not the end-of-the-line station on your tube map (common during off-peak hours), things can get a bit confusing, as you scramble to figure out if this is the right train for you!. Not an issue if you live in London and know the stations, but creates problems for visitors!