Free Bacon Rolls This Thursday at Polo Bar, Liverpool Street

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This morning on my way to VL Towers, I popped in to Polo Bar opposite Liverpool Street Station.

I’d never been in before but was fascinated to discover this place is a London institution! Open 24 hours a day, it’s a real London caff run by Italian immigrants and their first and second generation families.

Over coffee and a delicious bacon buttie I chatted to the charming Philip who used to work night shifts in Polo and shared some lively tales. One involving a stolen salami and a very contrite, very hungover customer the next morning seemed to perfectly sum up the wild yet life-affirming experience of working behind the counter in a 24-hour cafe.

Philip now works closely with Stefano Ispani, CEO of Ponti Group, which owns Polo Bar (plus numerous other Ponti’s Italian eateries around town).  His late father, Peter Ispani, ran Polo Bar back in the day, and it retains the feel of a family business. To honour its heritage, there’s been a full refurb that takes Polo back to its 1950s roots – funky green railway tiles, rock’n’roll memorabilia and comfortable but stylish mid-century style furniture.

To celebrate the re-opening, you can get one of Polo’s tasty bacon rolls FREE for 24 hours from 7.30am tomorrow morning (Thursday 2 Sep). Say hi if you spot me in the queue!


  1. nooksie says:

    i will say hi indeed, all the right words in that blog post :-)

  2. John says:

    This is a London institution, and a great place for a late night snack. I mean honestly, would you prefer some deep fried chicken, some greasy mystery meat burger, or a fresh bacon and camerbert buttie?

  3. dan says:

    i have been going in for tea and toast in the mornings for quite some time now (which quite often turns into an order for a bacon roll depending on the night before). the new refit, whilst clearly an improvement, takes a bit of getting used to if you remember the old style benches and decor. these were impractical and uncomfortable, but a little bit of history was been lost when they were taken out! Still, it’s the staff rather than the chairs that keep me going back in the mornings – always good to be greeted with a smile and friendly hello. As long as this place keeps the personal touch and service with a genuine smile, I’ll keep going no matter how they decorate the place… thanks guys!

  4. Jenny says:

    I went in for my free bacon roll this morning – it scored high on the bacon buttie league tables! Nice crusty roll and the bacon wasn’t too greasy. Like everyone else, I thought the staff were really friendly too. I’ll be back next time I’m in the area.

  5. jediSwiftPirate says:

    holy crap i uberly love BACON!