Gauguin: Maker of Myth at Tate Modern

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With only two days to go until the opening of Tate Modern’s Gauguin exhibition, excitement is building. If the turnout at this morning’s press view is anything to go by, the show will be popular.

Gauguin: Maker of Myth combines Gauguin’s lush, colourful paintings of Tahiti and Brittany with some lesser-known work, including wood carvings, ceramics and books.

There are two rooms dedicated to the life and times of Gauguin, which build a picture of the late-19th century world he inhabited. You’ll see family photos, letters, private view invitations, exhibition posters and press cuttings.  

It’s fascinating to learn how Gauguin transformed himself from a stockbroker and family man into a bohemian artist.

One of my highlights was the carved wooden door from Gauguin’s house on the remote island of Hiva-Oa, which he named Maison du Jouir, or House of Pleasure, in order to provoke his neighbours.

This is the first major London exhibition devoted to Gauguin in more than 50 years. Don’t miss this landmark show!

Gauguin: Maker of Myth is at Tate Modern from 30 September to 16 January 2011


  1. Ben says:

    We’re really excited about this exhibition – perfect for fine-art lovers. Another that sounds great is ‘Treasures From Budapest’ at the Royal Academy of Arts which covers a broad range from Renaissance to the 20th Century. It should be a great one to visit. We’ve written a post about both, which I hope you’ll be interested in (

  2. jose adams says:

    This is a must-see show. I haven’t seen Gauguin in the flesh as it were, only ever in artbooks, and his paintings are truly wonderful. What Tate has done brilliantly is add documentary evidence (Life and Times) in the form of letters, books, photos, etc., that really help put his work into context with his life, relationships and travels. My favourite is Odine/In the Waves. What’s yours?