Luxembourg in London: Award-Winning Photographer Marianne Majerus

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At Visit London, we always thought Luxembourg might be among the more difficult World in London countries to cover. Luckily, London’s incredibly eclectic art collections came to the rescue.

As well as work by Luxembourgers Pierre-Joseph Redouté and Edward Steichen among the collection at the V&A, we found award-winning photographer Marianne Majerus – whose work is in the online collection at the National Portrait Gallery – also comes from Luxembourg.

Majerus is a portrait and garden photographer who regularly contributes to a number of UK national newspapers and magazines. Her portfolio of work includes more than 180,000 images, and she was awarded this year’s International Garden Photographer of the Year for her stunning image Layered Landscape: A Moment Captured (above).

I caught up with Marianne – who has lived in London for 25 years – and asked her about her life in the capital.

Majerus lives in Islington and has an obvious love for the area: “Islington is a vibrant area with cafes, restaurants, theatres and cinemas,” she said. “And it is close to some great museums.”

The 54 year-old moved to London “for the professional opportunities,” but she admits she does miss the beautiful countryside of her homeland.

While Luxembourgish home comforts are limited in London, (Majerus cites the Luxembourg Embassy as the part of London that most resembles her country), she has taken the city to her heart.

As well as recommending Sir John Soane’s Museum, she notes the view from Island Gardens across the River Thames to Greenwich as a “breathtaking but rarely seen” hidden gem.

Majerus’ work can be found in the online collection of the National Portrait Gallery. Most of London’s major museums and galleries have an online collection on their websites so why not have a look; you may uncover some seldom seen masterpieces yourself!

For more information on Marianne Majerus’ work, visit her website

Do you know of any Luxembourgish events, places or famous Luxembourgers in London?


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