London 2012 Olympic Games Ticket Prices Announced

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You can see world-class sport at the London 2012 Olympics from as little as £20 a ticket, London 2012 has revealed.

And tickets to the Opening Ceremony will cost between £20.10 and £2,012, depending, presumably, on where you sit.

There are 8.8m tickets available for the 2012 Games: three-quarters of these will be sold to the public from March next year. You need to apply for tickets when sales are launched in March, even if you’ve registered your details with London 2012 and you have a ticketing account.

Ticket prices for different events vary across the 39 disciplines and 649 sports sessions, but London 2012 says 90% of the tickets will cost less than £100, two-thirds will cost less than £50 and there’ll be 2.5m tickets at £20 or less.

There are also interesting discounts for youngsters across all Olympic sports, where the cost of a ticket for under 16s will be the same as the child’s age on 27 Jul 2012. (Also: seniors aged 60 and over on 27 July 2012 will pay just £16.)

Events such as the marathon, road cycling and the triathlon will be free.

Paralympic Games ticket prices will be announced in 2011.

Olympic Games tickets go on sale in March 2011. Paralympic Games tickets will go on sale separately later in 2011. Read more on

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  1. I personally think that they should have offered discounts for not just youngsters and the oldies, but people that live in London! We pay taxes and get messed around like crazy with all those tube line upgrades!

  2. james says:

    I got some tickets and it has been a rip off. They took all the good tickets and left the rubbish. we have been mugged in a fixed lottery. Cheats

    Boycott all the sponsors. I will now never use my Visa card, never buy a BMW, never drink Heineken, never drink Coca Cola, never buy a Acer computer, never use Atos, never Origin, never buy GE good, never eat at McDonald’s, never use Omega, never buy Panasonic never buy Samsung, never
    buy addidas, never use EDF Energy, never sue Nortel, never use Deloitte, never eat Cadbury.

    they have cheated us the citizens. we should now hurt them in the pocket. Everytime I think of the olympics it will be with disgust with the sponsors. They cheated us all.