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My friend and I went to Zizzi One New Change last night as we had a voucher code for 25% off. As we came for our bill we were told that our code was invalid and that One New Change only accepts the discount on a Sunday…this was not stated anywhere. We complained that it should be advertised, so the manager came out and told us the voucher wasn’t valid. As we finally got our bill, the table next to us told us, and showed us that their voucher (the exact same one as us) had been accepted by the manager.
We complained and spoke to the manager and he said, he can’t accept them all and just some! He went on to say, if we want to complain go to the website, but it’s not up to him to accept them or not, but obviously it was as he accepted the voucher from the table next to us! He said, ‘it was a lottery” and became very rude when we stated it’s not fair, either accept them all or none. The ladies at the table next to us started complaining about how terrible his customer service was and how badly he’d treaten us, which it was as he kept walking away without letting us finish.
It seems that as me and my friend are young professionals, he felt that he could get away without letting us use our discount, but allow some city high fliers to use theirs, we felt very patronised by him.

Eventually, after 20 minutes of explaining/arguing/him shouting that it’s not fair he eventually grabbed the bill and said, ” If you just want free food, go somewhere else, but if this will be all it takes to shut you up…” and then went and applied our discount. Despicable!

The customer service from his and his entire attitude was absolutely appalling and we will definitely never be dining in One New Change again, purely due to this manager. I visit Zizzi almost each week and this has completely put me off now, I don’t know how he can be a manager with such an attitude, and speaking to other friends who work in that area, they have had similiar situations happen at this specific Zizzi.

I thought I should let you know, as we were very offended by him, and he obviously doesn’t know how to run a restaurant.

By: Lettice Thu, 28 Oct 2010 11:38:17 +0000 Yum, I love Zizzi, especially the casareccia pollo piccante pasta!