Prince William to Marry Kate Middleton in a Royal London Wedding

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We’re thrilled at the news Prince William is going to marry Kate Middleton in London next year.

Here at VL Towers, we’ve been in deep discussions about the London location for the ceremony, the dress and of course, the reception.

Will they go for the tradition of a royal wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey? Or perhaps St Paul’s Cathedral, like William’s parents, Charles and Diana did 29 years ago. Or maybe they’ll go for something a bit quirkier: did you know you can get married at London Zoo, Kew Gardens and the Science Museum, not to mention Wembley Stadium and HMS Belfast!

And we’re hoping they’ll take tips from our ideas for hen weekends and stag dos in the capital.

If you’re inspired by the new royal being welcomed into our midst next year, why not take a few tips from our Royal Day Out in London.

Above images of Kate and William from flickr, by Nick Warner and Rob the moment.


  1. Claire Doble says:

    Aw congrats Kate & Wills. This is lovely news!

  2. Keith says:

    I think they should get married on Tower Bridge, they’ve got a license haven’t they? If they do, whole world be able to finally rest their minds over the “is it Tower Bridge/London Bridge” confusion.

  3. Lettice says:

    There’s nowhere nicer than the Wetlands Centre in Barnes for a perfect London wedding! I speak from experience :-)

  4. Wierdo says:

    Good luck Prince William, your Mother would be very proud of you. I hope the paparazzi give you both the space you need. Good luck to them both.

  5. JANICE TERESE says:

    Let’s try St. Paul’s and “get this one right” this time!! IF Kate is willing. I doubt that she is. The comparisons will be ad nauseum. At the same time, I think it can also be very healing for everyone. It is so magnificent for such an occasion as this. Also fun to see the looks on Charles’ face!

    Other than that, no real Cathedrals in London as magnificent as St. Paul’s. NOTE: Hampton Court Palace would be a totally magnificent venue. Viewer and television friendly. The world will be watching.

  6. JANICE TERESE says:

    P.S. I hope the wedding will not be not at Westminster Abbey. Diana’s funeral was there. Not good. And is not a viewer friendly venue either–especially for attendees inside the Abbey! PLEASE NOT THERE!