Video of the Week: The World’s Perfect Cup of Tea

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The giant LoveUK teapot is looking around London for The World’s Perfect Cup of Tea as decided by the fans of

In this video, Mr Teapot takes in some of London’s best sights, including Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Shakspeare’s Globe Theatre, Trafalgar Square and Leake Street.

Best of all, his choice for the perfect cup of tea is Teapod in Shad Thames: refreshingly close to VL Towers!


  1. Carinya says:

    Love the calypso soundtrack, great to cheer you up on a cold day.

    Not sure about the final result of the world’s favourite tea survey. I’m off to make myself a proper cup!

  2. Claire Doble says:

    Sweet. Making me thirsty

  3. LazyLondon says:

    Love how there’s a giant teapot crossing London Bridge and hardly anyone notices/cares. It takes more than that to faze a Londoner intent on getting to work in the morning!

    I really fancy a nice cup of tea now :)

  4. Skatzakian says:

    I love Tea. I am an American who loves English tea. My husband an I have it daily with milk. We have been to the U.K. many times and we enjoyed the tea shops. We live in Fresno, California and I believe there is a tea shop in Clovis, California. Cheers.